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  1. Back with my forum friends! I assume they are fixing some of the chat bugs.
  2. I think it is plum and coke... maybe a tad of woohoo.
  3. Nice! patch 420, 69th page, ON HUMP DAY!
  4. 2.15. All Languages are allowed in public chats, but be respectful.
  5. Sometimes the client is wrong, stupid, angry, or wants you to do something you can't. As far as this matter, I think it's reasonable to give a time estimate and/or explain the challenges the team is facing. I hope you don't see this as being rude towards you. Just my point of view from working in industries where the client can be not totally right.
  6. This thread is like world chat. I am half expecting purple text ad for a room.
  7. Don't do this... don't give me hope.
  8. JohnL


    Here's a random virtual hug for anyone who needs it!
  9. cake, pie, let her eat what she wants
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