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  1. i see a lot of frustration, and some misunderstandings in here. first of, as far as the djs are involved, noone gets any free gold, no lovence toy, no free game time, no nothing. we all pay for this day the same gametime as everyone else. and you all can be sure that every female player of us would love to have the lipsticks back, as everyone else. not to mention the fix of some other glitches. to the fairness which djs are involved - someone mentioned it before, it was about someone knows you, timing, luck, avaiabillity in this indeed very short time of planing. personaly i do not understand why this should be seen as unfair, in the other hand i was not getting a request by someone else for this evening in an other club, because someone else than me was knowed, had the right timing, was avaiable and had luck to get asked. and im happy for them. for the planing time, and maybe other ways to handle the planning, i have to say yes, some here are right. the devs knowed very well when the patch will come, and they had the posibillity to plan someting in a better way. for example to say - make us a concept, best concept team will do the event. but honesty, do you realy wonder that something like that didnt happen? and also honesty, would you have been said nooo, taking me would be unfair since you didnt ask others too, i dont care that there will be a event in 6 days if this is this unfair? no. everyone of you would have said yes, with pleasure. the comunication between the devs and the comunity was, is and will always be very awefull. not to mention the interest in players wishes about content. again, everyone whos involved today is also a part of you all when it comes to that point. its is NOT a WE and YOU. it is ALWAYS an US. i see every week that there is a grand opening this, anniverswery that in times when etablished clubs have "their" event evening. but when this happen, noone crys in the forum about. you can try tpo not to make your event when friends of you do one, most of the time. but since we all pay the same for the game time, since when the rriday is owned by someone, and the saturday by someone else? did you payed for that? fine, where i can pay for the sunday afternoon? in this case it is not even realy a players choise when the event happen. this is as chloe mentioned a 3dx, a gizmo-lisa-lovence event, not a players group event. no player group have anything out of it someoen elso do not get today too. and i cant speak for everyone, but in the case of this group who actualy planned the event - with more time given by gizmo before there surely would have been a speaking to other groups too about the time to prevent that others feel overrolled. and when we talk about this, i would love to see that people start instead to complain about today in first to complain about the envy poison culture we have in 3dx in general. noone seems to accept the sausage on the bread of someone else. it doesnt matter if you are in a dj group, if you are part of a players group, a room owner, in a dancetam, you name it. even in the no chat cold rooms you have this lol. and this envy culture, you do not find in any other online world on this level. isnt that sad? someone else have 20 guests more... awwww, thats now my new favourite enemy, he she stinks anyways. why not just let the guests decide by themselfs where they like to spend their time, why not just having a good time by yourself with your friends, why not respect the others success if they have one, why not just live, enjoy life and let live? and if one is realy not able to do so, why at least do not think quality over quantity? some here realy should take some time to think about that.
  2. done that, started the game as admin, worked for me too. thanks Yvonny
  3. how about a penis tattoo, for example "Shortie"? thumps up to you Allalon that you try to create something for the game. but seriously i would love to see to become clothing, tattoo and FINALY very of corse pose editors, simply to use for everyone.
  4. no, its talon. oh wait, my fault, its alivia. or its maybe me? well when i think about it it must be a chinese comunism party conspiracy. or no, NOW i have it, its trumps nephew second grade. well maybe its you. or the next poster after this post. ........ well i prefer to think its the vatican state who try to rescue our souls from sinning. and what do you think?
  5. one the best ideas i read in a long time in here
  6. /me waits for the usual donkeys who blame a troll or a ingame player group for it
  7. probably not. and to that other guys - if you think you see someone doin something illegal - just report them and send them your proofs. sexdevil doesnt only not comunicate or informate, they on top doesnt read the forum. so its pointless in here what you guys doin. but none of my buisness. im out
  8. and another threat full of self profilers with zero clue whats going on. bothackers? piracy server hackers? piracy server hunting? talons fault? or the guys fault you actualy like the less out of those who are actualy posting in here? omg what bunsch of bullshit. the ONLY fact that is known and obviously is that the comunication of sexdevil is a total mess. announcements shouldnt be in a discort server, they should be HERE and in time. and since there is no comunication, and more importand, no information, nothing is known. the frustration could be smaler if this would run in an better way. in the end the servers will start again, the zombies will stand up to 50 in the start area of the first open dummy-cold room and most others will WHOOOO at the next party. nothing will change. till then . have fun
  9. that i cant answer on. but you would not ask amazone to not bill you because ups dont want to or cant deliver at time
  10. billing is made by a different company, not sexdevil. a regular server restart once a week would help with many bugs and glitches, and a better information politic would help to prevent them for us jumping in a circle all the time.
  11. there was nothing to see for me when i opend this treat. otherwise i would not. its a fine politic to shut down and send a messege in same minute without warning first. same its a fine politic to never tell whats realy happen. that the server is shut i see myself. the question stays, why? and why we dont get a warning in game a few min before? and why we never get an information about whats going on? and why there coming patches like "bugfixes" bot realy nowhere is to rerad which bugs were fixed? the comunication here is a desaster with no way to speak it beautifull. but no need to panic, calm.. see you all ingame anytime
  12. seems this time its not ddos. looks like a fix or something. i would not had open this here if there would be a better comunication between them and us. like an anouncement in WC, like an announcement as pop up window ingame, or at least anything clearly visable here in forum.
  13. should be, or an autobot messege. at least something in forum. not everyone monitoring discord
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