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  1. I won't say a thing, I promise!
  2. I rather take a lot of screenshots
  3. I'd open it up more if she didn't threaten me in pm's and having people consistently harassing me over a room name. XD
  4. A bit has changed. One thing that hasn't is the drama a lot of drama.
  5. Yes, loser means love in English
  6. Here's an idea. Lost In Translation I've seen lot's of people get into fights in World Chat, local, and pm's due to the fact someone doesn't actually speak the same language as the person they are talking to. I have a lot of the things I've said be taken out of context or because the person doesn't understand how English speaking people speak. Let's take a simple joke... RobT: Hey guys, what's up? WeeabooTrashu: Not much you loser! Random person: Y u startn drama wih Rob? WeeabooTrashu: I'm not. Random person: Ye ur are! F yu whor! I've seen this happen so many times at this point it's crazy! Just an idea, not sure if you understand what i'm getting at.
  7. Yeah, I have very big problem with my "I don't care" attitude. Mostly because I rather not care then get my feelings hurt by someone, but I can also see how that might hurt others. Like coping Tanya's room name and putting it as my own room. She joined and threaten me and all kinds of things. I would've never seen the real her if it wasn't for that. I think of it like this... If you can't handle a joke and go crazy at me then maybe we shouldn't be friends. I'd love to roleplay as 50 but I'm way too immature for that. Cx
  8. Troll: As a troll myself I never go out of my way to find someone to troll. I even state it in my bio. Yet people keep acting surprised when I fuck with them. I also mostly troll to figure out who I can be friends with. I'm not someone who censors themselves to make other feel like a special snowflake. In all honesty I'd say if you have easily hurt feelings then avoid them but if not try to actually talk to them. Some of the troll-est people I've met have been really nice to me and I'd even consider them actual friends. Also, I was never very trolly until I met some of the veteran players. I think some of them are worse then a troll. They hold a very entitled look on everything because they've been on here x amount of years. Age: I found this one funny. A lot of the older players will try to make fun of me for being a younger player. I've found myself talking to a lot of "20" year old's and realizing they're not 20 just because of the way they act. The best part is when I find a 50 year old who tries to make fun of me for being 19 when they have a alt that roleplays as 20. Other than that. Good post, great guide. Very well written.
  9. I don't think so, but I could be wrong. I didn't know 3DXChat was on mobile.
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