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  1. Been a while since I last had an actual post here in the forums so I hope everyone will be nice Hahaha, kidding, but anyways... I'd like to begin with thanking the devs for the constant stream and pace of updates lately. It's nice to see that they're keeping up and these new content are for sure making everyone happy in their own ways. I did come across a good suggestion for an opportunity to add some complexity to the poses that we currently have and to a future set of possible new poses. (Not entirely sure whether what I have in mind is already in the works but I might as well suggest it here so that the devs could possibly work on it.) So having said that...I'm pretty sure some of us in the community are a bit bummed that there's no actual laptop when you execute that new foreplay cuddle pose with the laptop on the thumbnail, since it's a pretty good pose to do with your partner when you feel like just Netflix and chilling or something close that's resembling the pose or whatever. Then a friend and I kind of brainstormed ways on how to actually add the laptop without having to add the actual item on top of the bed in World Editor. Then we figured, why not implement adding such items to poses like the way women can trigger the strap-on and penis during sex. That way you can turn it off when it's not needed (just like the penis/strap-ons) and trigger the item you wish to use with the pose by pressing the actual item on that selection. The devs can curate a specific set of items/accessories that can be added and used to some of the current poses, and add further items as they wish and can definitely help create new types of poses with those items. We came up with this idea since we're quite confident they can implement it in such a way for they already sort of can in the aforementioned scenario/example for women. So it's just a matter of designing which items they would add and work out some poses to make use of such items. Case in point: the fingering pose in the vaginal pose section, you could add a dildo to that pose, simply revise the pose a bit to accommodate the dildo in the pose instead of the finger once you trigger the "dildo" button. So yeah, thoughts anyone on this suggestion? Would love for the devs to actually consider this. Thanks
  2. Loving the development progress so far! Can't wait to have it tested soon Hopefully this new version will offer a public beta like in version 337.
  3. When you log on too much in a day and literally just stay there doing nothing...LOL
  4. Valentines is near I wonder what I can do on that day
  5. Happy Birthday! Have a good one today
  6. It's not everyday and it is definitely not usual for me to start forum threads, as well as me posting quite often here in the forums; but whenever I do, it most certainly has a reason on as to why I do so. Today is definitely not an exception for me, for today is a very special day for a very special person in my life whom I am lucky enough to call my girlfriend Some of you may know her well. And if I may, I'd like to ask the community to join me in greeting this very lovely, sweet, and adorable fine lady on her special day To my ever dearest Abbey, a very Happy Birthday to you my darling! Forgive me if I can't make this post all fancy with pictures and all that stuff for I am currently posting this through my phone, but I will get to doing so once I get home from work later Hopefully how the post looks won't matter, but the thought of remembering you on your special day would I shall never forget the day you were brought into this world, for if it weren't for that, I wouldn't be the happy man I am if I didn't have you in my life I have tons of wishes for you, but I'll save it once I get to see you again real soon <3 I love you so much and miss you dearly always, and all I ask for is for you to have a wonderful & special day filled with smiles that'll brighten up your birthday today. Again, happy birthday my love! Cheers!
  7. Well this is cheesy, and the lyrics on the video has grammatical errors in it, but this song has a message that I would like to dedicate to my lovely girlfriend <3
  8. Alrood

    Have you ever?

    True This I did once ^^ And I apparently felt relieved in some sense upon having the tiny rain drops fall on my face How about we keep this going as somewhat a true or false game of whether or not the next person has ever done what the current poster has asked (if I'm not mistaken I think there used to be a thread like this existent before, I guess it's just buried deep in the forums at the moment if someone may, kindly link it up here if one will come across that thread ) Have you ever... ...just sat down on the shoreline alone and simply enjoyed the breeze of the wind, feeling carefree and simply did nothing
  9. Conquer my fear of jumping from heights and redeem myself from that tree drop jump I had an epic fail on
  10. Alrood


    Always start your day with a smile on your face Doing so will do you good for the rest of the day
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