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  1. @Granito @RayyRayy Sadly those are all just speculations. Dev's communication is a joke. So we can only guess. πŸ™ƒ
  2. It's so great that we are going to have a new server. It would be also great to know WHEN approximately we will have it, but oh well. I guess..
  3. @sputnik That's relatable. Let me know if you break in, I will crawl in after you!
  4. That's awesome.. I came back after nearly two months and straight into this.. Pfftt.. I am pretty frustrated right now.
  5. Oh right. Swapped it with the male uni. Nevermind! 😁
  6. I know that now it is. The point is that it wasn't. They added it just now. And wedding dress isn't there either. What happened to those?
  7. Wait WHAT?! How come it wasn't in the game?!
  8. Yeah, there should definitely be a nudist party of like 200 people some day soon. To celebrate our sexiness. πŸ™ƒ
  9. So this patch is 10/10 for me. Thank you so much for the latex and idle poses. Also the titty fucking pose was a notable addition. New hairstyles are great! I really got no complains for this one whatsoever, you did great - all of you. I think that male clothing should be the next issue addressed with the upcoming patches. Best of luck making the next content!
  10. This really shouldn't be a priority. There are many SEX related things that are missing in the game. So.. No disrespect, but no.
  11. I truly appreciate that you are sharing those with us! Great job, Alivia ☺️
  12. If it should change the texture (like unzip over the crotch) then it might be actually lingerie. Cause that's the only part of the clothes that can be adjusted. I dunno
  13. I share that idea. Do you think we will be able to keep it on during the sex? Cause if not it will be super lame
  14. Sport pose? Oh yess! I wanted the "chess thinking" pose for sooo long!
  15. Does anyone know when it should land? I can't wait to be FINALLY able to wear the latex catsuit. Mnngghh
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