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  1. I know game better: find a gizmo and kick his ass)))
  2. 60 attempts to enter, and again reconnect. What do we pay money for? For mockery of us?
  3. We all work. Come tired. And wait half an hour to enter the game. Just a pity spent time and money.
  4. And again connection lost, reconnect. WTF? For what i pay? For 30 minuts/ day reconnects?
  5. It seems to me that this is server overload. 15-20 minutes waiting for the entrance to the game is VERY MUCH!
  6. WTF? Reconnect after reconnect?
  7. down again wait 5 days? )))
  8. 5 days server no works x 300 golds + up 50 golds day from no activity - (100-150-200-250-300) =first day server started - 200 golds none, 2 day - 150 none, 3- 100 none, 4- 50 none, Total - 500 golds none... 5 days x 300= 1500 + 500 (start new visit statictic from 100 to 300) = 2000 golds AND After reset profile - all down to 100 golds (start new visit statictic from 100 to 300) = 500 golds We need (all) 2500 golds minimum + 400 percent (moral and psychological losses due to the fault of not knowing us by the administration) for waiting, panic ... - 10 000 golds AND + add 5 days to payed period )))
  9. Êàêèå-òî êðàêîçÿáðû ))) $ echo "Êàêèå-òî êðàêîçÿáðû" | iconv -t latin1 | iconv -f cp1251 -t utf-8
  10. go re-create gifts from people who died, there are also ugly problems with encodings ... I hope the developers will quickly fix it, it's a memory, and they won’t reset it ... there are hundreds of gifts, and some people have thousands of them I have thousan gift in russian - all text turned into shit ... since 2014 ...disgusting. It is not possible to read, all memory is gone, I feel very bad ... and many people feel this
  11. This is a complete disgrace - for years people gave each other gifts and see what is happening in gifts now! This is a mockery of the players and their memory. Please correct the encoding immediately. And do not create riset, otherwise there will be a strong scandal. There are gifts from people who have died, from people who have left 3dxchat, this a memory Correct encodings.
  12. <size="24"></size> <color="red"></color>
  13. in my old profile colors were actively used. How to color the text in a new profile?
  14. I have little idea what you would do (for example) if your cable TV provider to whom you pay suddenly stopped working and would not work for 4 days and did not answer your questions. The service is paid, the service is not available for several days to all customers. This is a lawsuit.
  15. I always knew that we have smart people. Not only me )
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