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  1. Moving on never felt this good :)

  2. Even a rainy day cannot dampen our love ❤ (Necra & Mimi) ps. Brightness, contrast, colors adjusted Additional filters plus rain effect added
  3. It's always sad to see someone you care for move out of your life but even so I wouldn't be a true friend if I wasn't happy to hear that your real life is finally in a better state. Even more so to hear that you are taking actions to make it even better, even if that means moving on from places that are holding you back leaving people you care for behind. You've been a good friend for a long time now Saya, and I'm sure one way or another we will never completely lose you, you will always be in the hearts of those that cared for you. May you find the happiness you seek in your real life and always remember that your true friends will never forget you and will always be here when you need them, no matter how long you are gone for.
  4. The aviator glasses seem quite glitchy too after the latest patch, they appear to be still worn even when you take them off. They only properly disappear once you zoom in close enough to your avatar.
  5. In the arms of an angel ❤

    1. Akali


      <3 Always there even if you dont see me miss you bestie

  6. Will do my best to be there, unless the RL monster manages to best me one more time Congrats you two!
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