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  1. Getting Ignored by ONE room owner as opposed to 50 potential room owners. And @York is concerned with a single person ignoring them as it's limiting player experience. The person misbehaving is the one causing the reaction, thus earning their place on ignore lists. I'm all for just putting a mental block and paying them no heed, I literally have had ZERO people on my ignore list in my seven years here. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to remove unruly guests from your room.
  2. Considering that booting someone from your own room is, in essence, the same as ignoring them and rebooting the room, just more convenient for you and your guests, the fact that the denying someone access to your room acts as a block to the experience of the game diminishes. It is YOUR room and the guests within providing the experience. If someone wishes to utilize your club/wedding/room as their experience, they should, within reason, respect your wishes. If you're throwing a ceremony and wish for everyone to be able to attend, it would be terribly inconvenient to remove a pest by having to ignore them and close the room, then wait for all the guests to arrive again. Or let's say you're just going to ignore them and encourage everyone to block them- you're interrupting the ceremony further. It's not like the ability to moderate your room isn't something you can't already do. Nor is it giving someone power to deny someone access to other areas of the game. It's literally just reforming an already present capability by adding convenience and thereby removing inconveniences from the host and guests. People already willy-nilly throw people on ignore just for disagreeing with them. Sure, they can do the same with kicking. Some people give warnings, others do not. This is no different with or without the capacity to kick. The kick doesn't even have to ban or auto-ignore, but serve as a warning to the target. Again, this post is not about one particular class of villainous wretch - such as the multi-account trolls, but a warding tool that simply expedites an already possible feature against those that would end up on someone's ignore list anyway. This isn't to say I don't love a good argument. I'll troll right back in these cases, and I don't mind the unsavory types. I just get tired of seeing people who just want to be peaceful getting harassed nonstop. Ciao, -L, via Mobile
  3. I just pray you never find someone so petty, then. I've encountered it with one person out of thousands upon thousands. (And that's my being here since 2013)
  4. Quite what I am getting at. It gives the host no more power than already possessed. Just makes it more convenient for the host and their guests.
  5. You're right about common sense. However, you of all people should know full well that I am not confused. Honest and excelllent question- although I did already answer it. I said in a previous post that the offender in question stated that he was perfectly willingly to continue to pay $20 per account just to continue their harassment. Their repeated bans for violation of TOS hasn't stopped them yet.
  6. I didn't realize that there was a third sex available. And to think, all this time I've had to manually click "Penis" under the strapon category in order to get a dick on my female character. All the years of manual effort I could have saved....
  7. It would be rather nice....
  8. What happens when someone literally creates dozens of accounts with the specific intent to report and or troll a single person just because they don't like them, and makes it perfectly clear they have no intent of stopping - if they continue to get ignored and banned they'll continue to create the accounts. It's abuse in of itself. It's making it grossly inconvenient for everyone involved with visiting that room to have to ignore the same exact person more than once or keep having to close/rejoin a room to deal with a single person creating multiple accounts. If that person was ignored in the first place, they can't even get into the big ass room - unless they create a new account with the sole purpose of being a cheeky fuck, again. If a room owner doesn't like you, they should need no other reason to remove you from their premises. It's very fucking simple - when you're in someone else's house, you follow their rules. You gonna go into the local PD and start pissing on the floor? No, probably not. There's consequences. You go to someone's party and spit in their face? They should have every right to remove you from the place. The "game experience" is going to be what you make it. If someone chooses to prohibit you from entering their room, you can go somewhere else, plenty of places to go. The question you'd have to ask yourself is "Why is it that no one likes me and doesn't want me in their rooms?"
  9. *as they start to choke you* I've dealt with your SHIT for too long!
  10. As my earlier post here covered: As a wedding or party organizer, a builder, a club owner, or just another player... Maybe you have an party coming up and you want everyone to enjoy themselves. Maybe you've completed your latest handiwork and want to show it off. Maybe you're getting married and you want it to be a celebration for everyone to attend and a day you'll remember. Maybe you're just hosting a club with specific rules and wish to see people abide by them. Whatever the reason, opening your room to the public is an option that brings communities and people together. Some come for the content, others come to create and share. Some come to enjoy themselves, and others want to help others enjoy themselves. Whatever reasons we're here, we all deserve to have a little more control over over who can come into and stay in our rooms. As mentioned in my post in the other topic... you can of course ignore someone - which prevents them from joining your room, and from interacting with you at all. But it doesn't remove them from your room, leaving them free to continue to do as they please. Imagine trying to host a wedding, and someone just runs up to the bride and groom and starts trying to ruin the ceremony. Imagine trying to create a peaceful environment for people to come and relax, and someone comes in spewing racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs. Sure, you can report these people and ignore them, the latter of which may fix the problem for you, yourself, locally, and the former taking time and multiple people complaining about it. Then, after you ignore them you can restart your room, which kicks everyone out and you have to wait for everyone to return, sans the troublemaker. Not that the issue isn't that people don't get ignored or banned - they do. The issue is when that one type of person gets it into their mind that they will do whatever they can to crash any event someone hosts, and spread nonstop toxicity at every turn, despite the innumerable ignores and bans... the kinds of people that proudly proclaim that they will continue to do it regardless, and start purchasing new accounts, just to get back into the party and bring another unending flurry of bull. It's literally forcing people to either close the rooms and reopen nonstop, or not open it to the public at all. To make matters worse, these people can even log onto multiple accounts, and have these multiple accounts all report their target at once with no intention other to try and get them banned for some bollocks of a reason. If room hosts could kick, they could at least ignore and kick someone, effectively removing that instance of the person from causing issues in their room, without having to shut down a wedding or otherwise great party. Similar to my post from before I'll cover a few simple FAQs that spring to mind: But can't people abuse this/get a power trip - Sure, but, I mean, it's their room, their rules, right? This won't prevent someone from getting yet another account and doing the same thing - True... but it allows hosts to deal the current account swiftly. What if someone kicks me for a reason I find unfair? - See answer #1. I don't think people should be able to kick me from their own place, it's heckin' rude. - You'll get over it. No one would actually buy THAT many accounts to troll that hardcore. - Oh, bless your heart.... Cheers, -L
  11. Power trip or no - it's still a viable and very necessary option. Here's why: We all know that having someone on your ignore list prevents them from seeing your public room in the room list, aye? We all know that this is generally perceived as a pretty well rounded method of keeping someone who intentionally trolls, indeed? However, some people are just all around trolls that literally take it upon themselves to do nothing but make other people uncomfortable to be around. Without going into specifics, there ARE people who will literally enter a room simply because they want to troll the owner and make the place a generally unpleasant room to be in. You can't reason with them because they refuse to talk to you and just hurl racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks toward all the guests of the room. As it stands now, the room owner can ignore them, but it doesn't remove them from the room. So the only current fix is to have the owner ignore and report them, and close and remake the room. This is detrimental to a party, as it kicks everyone out, etc. But the troll can't get back in, right? Wrong. There exists a certain degree of unpleasant people that will literally get ignored, and, unsatisfied with their inability to continue their behavior, logs on with a second account for round two. Rinse and repeat. You've now had to close your room twice. They come back on a third account. Then a fourth. This troll has been banned MANY times before, and has made it perfectly clear they will continue to drop subscription after subscription on getting a new account to continue their vendetta. We need to be able to kick/ban people from our rooms. 1) But it won't solve them getting a new account/subscription again. - True, but it will keep the owner from having to close down the room every single damn time. 2) But it will give people a power trip. - So fucking what? It's the room owner's room. Why can't they decide who they allow in, or remove? If you don't want someone unpleasant at your party, affecting your guests, you should be able to remove them. Cheers, -L
  12. I'm saying it for everyone that's blaming others, exactly as the statement was directed. The statement made no assumption of guilt or innocence.
  13. Pardon me for condensing the quote a little but - I've not been banned either. And my original statement was that the player base deserved clarification and the rules needed an addendum to proliferate exactly what is and is not acceptable if this is to be the case in the future. I do love to use and see logic in dealing with these scenarios. I told people to be patient, and wait for the official statement. I'm still fairly convinced that this issue is still not even recognized by the dev team. They're probably trying to enjoy their weekends off of work. I find it unfair that people are losing their minds over it and some are going to far as to quote legal action suits they intend to take. People are more inclined to point fingers and blame others than to just let events unfold. "The angry person opens their mouth and shuts their eyes."
  14. You *did* read the EULA, right? Considering you're posting from the EULA - I'd ASSUME you did.
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