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  1. Not to my awareness. I'd imagine most, if not all of them, will result in a crash. I've not seen any DLLs designed for the test version. Cheers, -L
  2. Not sure if it was mentioned yet, and I think this one is a bug carried over from previous builds. When you invite someone to be your partner, and they invite you to be their partner at the same time, and you both accept both, they appear twice in your partner menu and no poses work. Upon removing the partner, your screen will display that you have no active partners, while the partner can still send pose invites to you. Not sure what causes this, but I can certainly say accepting those pose invites will work if you've removed them as a partner. Not a huge issue, by any means, but definitely a bug. Cheers, -L
  3. Laina

    Futa is OP

    This is why they were nerfed in reality. The creator was like "What the hell!? You can't have both a cock and a twat, sew that shit up!" That being said, hey... whatever tickles your tonsils. -L
  4. The latest addition to my home furnishings is a THERMOS/Char-Griller Deluxe Barrel Charcoal BBQ Grill.... -L
  5. My original Home #1 converted into a house boat... with a few personal additions. Cheesy, but chill. -L
  6. Laina

    Hurricane Irma

    Oh, right, forgot to post I was okay. Was pretty straightforward. Trees fell over, power went out for four days, I emptied out my fridge, everything's cool now. Looks like I was right as far as MY end. My heart goes out to those not as fortunate. Best wishes, -L
  7. Laina

    Hurricane Irma

    I'm just gonna sit on my ass here the whole time, nothing to worry about. I'm in Central Florida and I'll be enduring the storm. I also tend to never take these things seriously, and never panic. Panic gets you nowhere, after all.... Nevertheless, stay safe, -L
  8. The amount of salt in this thread is palpable. -L
  9. Quite an enthralling suggestion, if I do say so myself... and then, completely contradictory to that statement, I'd have to mention that I'm actually not very inclined to the taste of most fish. There's only two ways I actually enjoy the taste of fish. One is battered and deep-fried, and the other is grilled on a pine plank with a bit of lemon. That being said, I also don't attempt to cook fish often. I've deep-fried catfish before, and that's literally the extent of my experience in terms of cooking fish. Heh, -L
  10. Clearly you underestimate the ability of delicious food being able to trigger an endorphin rush. The smell of barbecue, the taste, everything about it is positively orgasmic in it's very nature. Why I'd say BBQ goes right up there alongside hockey and sex. Cheers, -L
  11. Alright, seriously. When you barbecue perfection... and you reek (although I'm not sure reek is revered enough of a word for this) of charcoal, mesquite, and burgers.... How does one keep themselves from self-cannibalism? I mean, seriously.... I can't be the only person who changes afterward... and then you're doing laundry, and suddenly get an impulse to devour your shirt you happened to have been wearing at that particular moment. There's just something about a good grilling that makes everything else go on standby for a moment. Obviously, cooking, particularly grilling, is one of my escapes and hobbies. Anyone else share a common relation to their own hobbies? Something that leaves a lasting feeling of bliss (in my book, bliss being defined as the scent of charcoal, wood infusion, and charred or broiled to perfection meat and vegetables.)? Ciao, -L
  12. Laina


    I utilize the vast powers of thread-necromancy to resurrect this dead thread and conjure up the spirit of teh funniez. So, two dozen years ago this friend of mine, a young boy named Tommy decided we should play show and tell. He pulls his shirt off and points to his chest and says, "Look what I have!" Well, being a naiive child I followed suit and did the same, retorting "That's nothing, I have those too!" Wouldn't you know it, it escalates. He turns around, drops his trousers, spreading his cheeks before saying "Check this out!" Oh, sad, innocent me once again follows along, "I have that, also!" At this point Tommy turns around and goes, "Oh yeah? Well, I have this little guy!" I look down and realize that, no, I do not have one of those. My eyes tear and take off toward my home where I burst in crying, where my mother quickly finds me and, being a good mother, asks the important question of; "What's wrong, honey?" Of course I tell her that "Tommy down the street has this little winkie thingy between his legs and I don't have one and I want one!" She coos, "Aww, sweetie, that's alright. He'll only ever have that one, and when you get older, you'll be able to have as many as you want!" Ciao, -L
  13. First - The fuck does Trump have to do with this? Second - It's been going for over four years, but World Chat came much later. Topic at hand - The only time WC truly becomes a hateful place is when someone decides to bring personal fights into it instead of taking it into private messages, much like Yalun said. I've personally witnessed you and others go at each other's throats in world chat because one of you just had to have the last word. Going along with Rob said, the pot is calling the kettle black. Do you wanna be the pot today? The kettle tomorrow? Your opinion is definitely your freedom, but don't even fathom to impede on others, and don't dare impune on the world chat, it's not it's fault that there are assholes (myself included) that utilize it. I pray you find a bit of logic before you post something so ignorant again.
  14. Perchance you can illustrate to all of us who are in this thread, the exact premise as to why this belongs in said thread? And yes, I do realize that you have posted this elsewhere. All of that aside.... still wanna see overlays such as tattoos, freckles, beauty marks, and miscellany!
  15. lol, sorry to derail the topic a bit, it was one of those "I have to..." impulses.
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