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  1. Just wanted to say I'm REALLY happy with the quality of role-playing that's been going on in this room with this group. If you came from a tabletop, MMORPG or chatroom role-playing background and you're looking for more in-depth, more descriptive and more character-driven role-playing then this is the place for you.
  2. Problems with the editor mentioned in 2017 that still haven't been addressed... and simple things like being able to adjust the camera move speed, the weird random stuttering, or being able to hold Shift or Ctrl to manually select things and add them to a group rather than having to drag select and accidentally select everything else in the background. So that's reassuring...
  3. Followed these instructions exactly and it still works fine.
  4. This is a great guide. I'm sure a majority of the people who come to this game don't come from an online chat/game role-playing background and have no idea what it even means. I'd love to see a community of the players who are more skilled in this and seek out other players who are as well become more prominent.
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