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  1. Hey Lori. Hope you are doing good. Miss you

    1. LoriD


      Doing great. Hope you are too

  2. Love you more :P 

  3. Love you lots xox

  4. xoxo :)

    1. Lilcal


      Wet sloppy hugs and kisses!!!!

  5. I might go out tonight but since time zones are different, I’ll probably still be able to make it lol 😝
  6. I tried to upload a picture but it isn't working. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks, Lori
  7. I tried to upload a picture but it isn't working.  Is anyone else having this problem?



    1. SusanLouisa


      Hey Lori.  Have you tried just dragging the picture?  I know I have issue with copying/pasting from Imgu like I used to, but dragging it works fine.

    2. LoriD


      I never tried that.  I just click on upload photo and it used to take me to my picture folder on pc. 

  8. Party party party! I’ll get my dancing shoes on and try to beat Rhet at his requests lol. Thanks DJ Rae & DJ Vixen!!
  9. I’ve seen posts about problems with forum. Is this why Raeveans post deleted. Was it deleted in error?
  10. I’m ready! I have my black and yellow on! Go BRUINS! Go AVS!
  11. Thanks all for an awesome time! Shout out to Raeven and LilCal/ xCALx
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