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    I like to run my mouth..that means I talk A LOT.. lol. I love this place.. it enables me to have friends from all over the globe. I like sexy fun flirty people who just want to have a good time! Im here to make friends.. real friends. Im as friendly as they come, and prefer to be nice. However, I do have hot buttons, and they do get pressed from time to time. I can truly be a cunt when they do. Be honest, be yourself, and dont be a douche.. we should get along just fine! If you dont want to be those things.. thats fine too! Play how you wish. We simply wont be friends..Im good with that as well. XOXO Have a great day and thanks for the read!

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  1. xoxo :)

    1. Lilcal


      Wet sloppy hugs and kisses!!!!

  2. I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you to the devs for fixing the bug that booted us when a room closed!!!
  3. Crowe and I have been dealing with for almost 9 years now. Ya just have to laugh! Its just another source of entertainment. While it never goes away it does get better! People eventually learn they cant start problems there so they move on to another couple to try their luck.
  4. Lilcal


    So then asking you to move in with me.. downgrading to my single wide is out of the question then Ross?? Im so sad now..
  5. I'm writing this diary here as I have been reading the forums, as I do often, and once again am... I don't know.. irritated? disgusted? doesn't matter the word I suppose, just that I'm moved to post about the crap I see going on in the announcements section right now. Im writing here as to not gum up that topic any more than it already is with this topic. But make no mistake that this is in direct response to that. I don't care about the arguments being made over who gets more what.. what poses should or should not be implemented.. we are not ever going to come to a unanimous consensus there. We all come from different places and play this game in diff ways. So to my way of thinking that means there will always be huge differences in perspectives there. However what I do care about is this false narrative of a few women speaking for us all. AGAIN! Once again I see the "us girls" "we women" shit that I'm so very opposed to. I will state flat out, as I have done in the past, that no other woman here or anywhere in the world speaks for me, or anyone but themselves. Because we share a vagina in common does not mean you know anything about what I have been through or go through in game or anywhere else. I have read that "us women go through a lot" in game because of the way other men choose to play. "We women" get accused of being men, "we women" have to deal with these men playing women so much that it ruins the game for "everyone else". I don't care about the "majority" as will inevitably be brought up. "US women" "We women" spoken by one or two ppl is not the majority of anything. And even if it were the majority does not speak for all. Does not speak for me. I am a woman.. I was fortunate enough to be born into the body that matches my spirit, so I have had a vagina my entire life. I say this only to show that I AM the "we women" that is purportedly being spoken for. I have never, and I repeat NEVER been accused of being a man in any serious manner (of course some rando that I didn't even know has said such to try and get someone arguing with them.) But I have never been accused of it by anyone that mattered or knows me even a little bit. I DO NOT have a regular problem with this and it DOES NOT ruin my game. I have been playing in 3dx for around 4 years now, and played another game such as this for 6 years before that. In all that time this has NEVER been a big issue for me. Have I experienced some drama revolving around lies and fakes.. of course! Do I expect honesty in my friendships.. yes I do! I have stated so many times and will many more. These are my expectations of the ppl who choose to interact with me. I don't expect anyone to follow my rules expect for the ppl who choose to interact with me, these are my boundaries and they are allowed to be set wherever I want them. Do I expect all women to feel this way simply because I do? Hell no! Does everyone respect those boundaries? Hell no! Is my game ruined because of this? Again Hell no! I simply don't give that kind of power to another person, with the exception of my children, there is no one in this world who has the power to break me, ruin me, or anything of the sort. I have a very large pool of friends, I am the social sort. I have said in the past that this is my main reason for being here. These friends are both men and women, both old and new. some I would consider real friends and some are just chat my ass off in local kinda friends. I am not scared to meet new people nor do I have a hard time making new friends because of this distrust or whatever that is such a big deal that it gets brought up in every damn thread by one woman speaking for "us women". This thing that is said to have driven "us women" out of the game is simply not my experience. I, as an independent, hold your head up high proud woman actually find that sentiment to be sad, to be degrading even. The strong women in my life simply would never give anyone that kind of power! No one is going to run my ass out of game, tell me how I should play , ruin my good time or bring me to my knees in any manner. I as a strong, independent woman believe that I am responsible for protecting me and mine. I will never whine about equality while in the same breath beg for protections from having hurt feelings. I will even go further and add that if you as a person, regardless of gender, have the same problems over and over with the same kind of ppl.. look in the mirror! (Of course I acknowledge there are extreme and law violating behaviors that are never the fault of the victim and I am not speaking about those things here). Once again I say speak for yourself, because you sure as shit don't speak for me!
  6. Is it the lack of feathers? Im not squawking for ya man!!🀣
  7. I so am! Damn proud too! My butt however is much cuter than a chickens..lol
  8. I dont understand how the word weirdo is an insult. Some of us strive for weird, want to stand out from the crowd. I have a 12 yr old son, I call him weird nearly every day! He says TY momma, I get it from you. My reply is always the same..yes you do! Then we do the weirdo dance. Embrace and be proud of your weird. Even if meant as an insult, and I dont see that it was, insults only have the power you give them.
  9. On that note...the thread was removed then put back in place but whatever devs or moderators handle these forums right? They must have deemed it within the tos then. Nothing else really matters when deciding what you choose to post really. All the nastiness will certainly have it removed. I'm sure that's the point though. People can't get what they want one way, so they find another. Everyone taking the bait should think about this.. The on that note part was directed towards niblettes post about this being a private forum and it having rules. Not the nastiness part..I wasn't directing that yo her at all.
  10. You can't be sure. It's the internet, are you ever sure of anything you read here? Even knowing that, I disagree here. I have suffered at the hands of fakes. I would still not choose to miss the opportunity to mourn a real loss. Nor would I welcome censorship as a form if protection.
  11. I'm a live and let live kinda girl. If something doesn't force it's impact on to me..or anyone else ( or break laws/rules of course), I say do as you wish. As I can not read what I don't want to here, and I can choose not be impacted in the slightest, I say do as you wish. I have 2 points I'd like to raise.. First..the fear I see here is that people will fake deaths? Yes they will, I've seen it and the people who do this are despicable in my opinion. However this is the internet, people fake everything! Should no one be allowed to talk about their pregnancies, because we as Anonymous users can't verify this? Should I not be allowed to state I'm a woman or that I'm blonde, or that I have lots of dogs? Since none of this is openly verified. When you start censorship, it never ends there where it was started. Never The second is just a diff perspective.. I have spoken before about a young lady that I met online. I've spoken of her online marriage, and how it was special to all of us because it was the only one she would ever experience. She was 19 and dying of cancer. She lived her life online as it was the only one she had, and when she passed it was that life she hoped would notice. I noticed, and I mourned. I still mourn all these years later. Having memorials to her in world, at a sex den known as dirty deeds ( it was the place she smiled most) is exactly what she would have wanted. It was her that I thought about when I did these things. It was her death, not her rl family, not anyone but her. And myself. I was hurting, I wanted to express how much she meant to me, even online. She was the daughter I never had, she was someone who knew me better than anyone else, I wanted to celebrate her life and the impact she made on everyone around her. If you are of the opinion that your close friends dont know what you would have wanted, I suggest better friends. Losing someone and grieving are hard, do what helps you get through it, and forget what anyone else has to say about it. I did, and would again. And yes, before anyone asks, I know this death to be real. Her family was as Wonderful as her. They set up Skype so that some of us could celebrate her life one last time at her rl funeral.
  12. Lilcal

    Dave again

    Reading this diary I am struck with the urge to comment on two points. First...I find your obsession with RobT, who is seemingly not even here anymore, to be worrisome. I hope that my friend Rob has taken precautions against such stalker-ish behavior. Second...The debate about Mar's use of the word real to describe herself. I would be willing to bet she pinched herself to make sure she was "real" before typing. That's how they check to make sure things are "real" on TV anyway. Is there really anyone who would argue that there are female avi's playing in game or on these forums who aren't "real women"? Staying away from the argument of gender identity, is there anyone who believes that there aren't men playing on female avi's for the sole purpose of getting laid easier? I would personally define these players as not real women. It would be my personal suspicion that you fall into this category. As I suspect you of being someone who also posts under a female name here in the forums. After playing these kinds of games and dealing with these not "real" women for so many years though, I do admit to being overly suspicious. None of that matters of course, except to maybe understand why you take exception to the phrase "real woman". My point is, when I read Mar's use of the phrase "real woman" to describe herself, I interpret it in this manner. To me, my interpretation seems pretty common sense. I do aknowledge that this may because I too think of myself as a real woman. I am woman..hear me roar..
  13. I guess our perception is diff about which part was bait. As I patently avoided responding to the part I saw as such. As for the mirrors..have you taken up carrying them too??? And here you thought it was so strange! What Walmart parking lot have you chosen?? May we can tag team it sometime. More mirrors for everyone!!
  14. I have been banned from bringing home any more dogs. But I want one too! Can I have one and keep it at your house?
  15. Oh and as far as harassing anyone in game. Never happened..I'm too busy running my mouth for that kind of nonsense..Annnd..lol I don't even know who you are in game. Or in here for that matter. But if you would like to introduce yourself sometime your more than welcome! I'm easy to find, ya know since I'm Cal here, there, and even in RL too!
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