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  1. bonjour, merci de bien vouloir supprimer mon compte.

  2. Hello Juliet, I'm writing to try to solve a problem for some of my 3dx friends who would like to register in this forum, they find it difficult to register because the sign in new users does not work, are they doing something wrong?

    Thnks for support.


  3. Was I kicked out of a room because I spoke my local language? The room belonged to FrontDe, now either you give me a logical and rational explanation, or tomorrow I'll denounce the chat for racism.


  4. Hello,
    I've been here since February 2020, I took a 1 month and then a 1 year subscription, so my subscription ended in March 2021, but we have had a lot of server connection problems for a year with promises of free days and when i ask tech support how many more days i have told me zeros ... is this a scam? I would like more precise and exact information I won a 1 month subscription having invited a friend (bonus) either nothing ... no time code anymore every patch days for a year either ... no time code with all 5 days free... nothing work

  5. I am Thinking about Joining 3DX Chat I am wondering about how new people are treated with in

  6. I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine, who cannot register on the forum. Is there a manual for forum registration?


    1. MaraWinterdyde


      I'm am just seeing your post, but if you look at the top of the screen, it says she joined February 8 2016, but that the last time she visited the forum was February of LAST YEAR. fFebruary 11th of last night. My suggestions is have you friends send support an email. That's what I had to do when my account got reported and blocked when I had to retrieve my account back. 


  7.  I am wondering if it is possible to share the dance outfits I create to all the folks on my dance team.

    I want to have just the clothes in the file so that they can just load the file  onto their own Avi. This feature would be a huge help to all of the dance crews across 3DXChat.

  8. still waiting for 3d to send my lost password  an alos having trouble logging into the ed site to renew am I locked out?


  9. hi.....I join the game but there's no people no rooms I just see my self alone and after 10 mins I get lost connection whats wrong with this game ?

    1. MaraWinterdyde


      There isn't anything wrong. If you click on the both right of the screen you will see a green button you can click on that says Select Locaiton. Click on that...and there should be a list of rooms. If there is nothing there, contact support directly by emailing them. I have to do that as well as I am having issues in build mode saving my builds. Good luck

  10. Hi !

    I wonder why the new update freeze at the unzipping step. I restart my pc and still nothing unzip. can't open the game anymore ?


  11. Once again DJBIACAT has been stuck in the game and this time I really see that it is a case of chase. She did a two day Tomorrowland this Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th, in those two days she didn't post anything in the world chat or in our party and we didn't even talk to anyone in the world chat, on the contrary we had people in the room spamming in private messages to people who were in our room. Well, in summary, if it has been blocked, let us be shown what spam has been done in the world chat or search for our rights so that this has an end. So, please, I want you to unlock it or show us what it did wrong


    1. MaraWinterdyde


      This was be an issue where you email support themselves because I myself am confused about what happened. I know BIACAT as she is a friend of mine and my husbands. So I'm not sure what you're saying here. But if there is a problem with people harassing and spamming and such, I would take note of the users in game name and click on the name and their menu will show up and either ignore them so you can't see the messages any more and or report them. Then email support directly and they should be able to help you more. 


  12. Process Error: Length of the Data to Decrypt is Invalid.... I keep getting this error every time I try to enter a user generated world. I can enter the standard rooms that 3DX has, and yes, I tried relogging. I turned off firewall, I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Others have posted this same problem - is there any solution???

    Thank you for any help - I really hope you can help.

  13. Hello Juliet  As others have reported i also still have connection issues which has been ongoing since i renewed my membership. The mail received suggesting VPN is not a fix, i have been using VPN since i came to 3DX, please can you advise status to resolve and fix

  14. Guten Morgen Julia,

    Habe nur noch Reconnects!!! Laufen gerade Wartungsarbeit und wenn ja wie lange werden sie andauern ?

    Freundliche Grüße 


  15. Hello Juliet. I am trying to log on but "Too many attempts. Please try again later". It keeps on showing this message and doesnt log in. Few minutes before that happened i got disconnected and everytime i logged back on it kept disconnection even do i have my VPN up . Please advice. Thank you

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