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  1. Bye bye to room. And don't keep hopes for 3dx support to return back to you about this. My friend quit the game cos of same shit. He even tried to call them but nope. They be like ghosts when you need them
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx5rspXwWSs&feature=youtu.be
  3. http://www.kinkstersinc.us Homescreen KinkHub slider has been updated! Now we got a video slider recorded @ Tanyas. If you are in the video, wave at us!
  4. Hello KimmyFox and all. KinkHub is not only for BDSM people. It belongs to all. If you get your account you can see many roleplays under roles section while creating your profile page. You basically choose ''Vanilla''. KinkHub is on for all Fetishists. Also my own community ''which is Kinksters Inc.'' is not for only BDSM people. Nothing says this website is only for BDSM roleplayers You can only see something about BDSM on the home page where is the description about Kinksters Inc. movement. But even tho still it says ''BDSM/Fetishists'' not only bdsm. /me kissu kissu, smiles.
  5. Hello to fellow vampire! Such Toreador you are Brujah here.. Always felt like Brujah but most people considers me and tries to convert me to Toreador cos how I look in game and in real.
  6. First of all THANK YOU for the compliments. The concept of KinkHub aims peoples ROLEPLAY characters. We are not recommending them to involve in Kinkhub with their REAL personal informations + register form doesn't even ask anything personal. If you got an account there you will see better. It's just kind of social network as you imagine like it belongs to your avatar. You can be real or remain as your avatars personality in KinkHub. All up to you. Also this platform is good to find people by its search engine so you can find and friend people in your criteria. Just imagine you are lonely, going to Sin Club sitting on the table putting your laptop on and ta taaa let's see whos around In 3DxChat you can't search people you can only walk around to meet people just like in the ages where there was no communication devices invented Now you can just browse avatars and see who are worths to communicate. -Oh and something else let's not forget. 3DxChat ingame About Me section is very limited many people can't even write as much as they want about their sexual informations, fetishes and stuffs. Your KinkHub profile always can save you from that with its very detailed sexual options. You can show your family partners, you can show your owner or your playpartners or slaves and subs that you collared. There are many options that we need.
  7. Looking forward to see you in there *winks*
  8. WTF is KinkHub? KinkHub is brand new social network platform published by Proxius under Kinksters Inc. 3DxChat official fetish community website. The project KinkHub is totally related to 3DXChat as we only allow you to sign in within your 3DXChat username and RP character. Now you can just sign in to KinkHub as your 3DxChat character, create your detailed profile add images to your album, post activity posts (such as youtube links, soundclouds, vimeo and many others) on your feed wall, like other peoples posts, comment to their profiles or posts, friend people, and search for other roleplayers in your criteria. So basically this is a social network for 3DXChat roleplaying character. 4/14/2017 UPDATES: NEW FEATURE: ''Into Relationship or Married With'' section is improved. Now you can browse and pick the person you are into relationship and direct link to her/his profile.Kinkstersinc.us Home page KinkHub slider has been updated.New Featured Member @Xandisweet 4/02/2017 UPDATES: 2MB gallery upload image size limit increased to 6MB!Edit profile page duplicated drop down menu bug fixed.Now you can use #HashTags in your Activity posts! Trending hashtags function added.Some sort of visual bugs/glitches fixed.
  9. Oh yes! I wonder why there is nothing about this already. Not even an animation with a soft spank on the ass. When we go all the way vanilla in game animations it crosses against what we type in RP Adaptation issues
  10. Why I feel like game has more customizable options for female avatars? Anyway would be great if there was couple of long straight hair models for guys though.
  11. I've been following this game's website since a year. If I'm not wrong there was no pricing options back then. And monthly subscription was higher than what it is now. So this encouraged me to grab my account finally thanks for dropping the price.
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