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  1. Not easy with the existed poses system to make any boobs poses, because the boobs sizes are different from avatar to another, That's why it needs to make some changes on the poses system to make the partners (body and shape) sizes be sent to the server and the server adjusts the pose and body's parts in the correct positions depend on the bodies parts sizes,
  2. Some of my suggestions and ideas for 3DXChat, Directed to Developers. 1 - Colored nicknames Add a color box for nicknames so we can pick whatever color and effect we want. 2 - Text color in chat box Add the option to color the typing text in chat box and it will cost xgold to buy it. 3 - More avatars and new cost To make the first avatar it will cost 10k just as it is now. To create extra avatars the cost will double for each one. Second avatar will cost 20k, third avatar will cost 40k and forth avatar will cost 80k. 4 - Add two public sex locations Add two public sex location to 3DX's public rooms as shown in the picture. They will always be available and it will be easy to load the rooms no matter how many people are in there. One room can be a brothel and the other can be a sex club and they need to have all the available posses in the game. 5 - Control clothes length Add a slider to control the length for clothes. 6 - Discord public room section Create a main channel called User Rooms and underneath it channels for each public room in 3DX Chat so people can chat there too and post pics and vids. 7 - Accessories More accessories need to be added. Back accessories: Guitar, Katana, Bow and arrows, Backpack. Head accessories: Crown, Cowboy hat, Bride veil, Flower wreath. Waist accessories: Cowboy rope, Gun, Sword, Small knife, Whip. 8 - Accepting Invites Option Add an option in 3dx interface to accept incoming requests. Should be able to set it to all, friends or none. 9 - Sun tan lines Add a slider in body options for sun tan lines visibility.
  3. Even with these very high prices, it would be fair if it will be permanent, not just for a month, 6 month or a year. Reduce prices or make changes permanent, could make it worth to be used.
  4. Suggestion directed to 3DXChat Developers. I know what I will suggest now is not easy at all, But that's how I would like to see our 3DXChat as perfect as it. NEW POSES SYSTEM. The poses in the new poses system will be in section depend on pose type, BED POSES, For the bed/Floor poses will be like this. 1- Dance 2- Foreplay 3- Oral 4- Standing 5- Missionary 6-Behind 7- Ride 8- Fetish As the pictures shows. ★ Dance poses section :- The partners dance together and do soft dance poses and movements together like as kiss, hugs,hold hands, etc.. use same dance set but in partnership, The dance and movements changing automatically for all partners if any of partners change dance or movement, ★ Add new poses sections (Standing, Missionary, Behind and Ride). As the pictures show up. ★ Add continuity pose (pose or movement that to change from pose to any other pose so change poses will be smooth and with continue movement) For example, continuity pose will be getting female head down slowly when change from pose 1 to 2. continuity pose will be getting female up when change from pose 2 to 3. continuity pose must be between poses so it will give poses system high level reality, ★ Move Bisexual poses section to be inside others poses section. And it will be shown just if both partners sex setting bisexual poses option is ON, ★ Merge Vaginal and anal of same pose to be one pose shape and add outside penis optional. Control where the penis will be (outside, Vaginal , anal) in sex control panel, with smooth continuity pose change between them without need to ask partner's permission to change between them. because it already decided in sex settings if accept anal. As the picture shows ★ Move Sport section to Foreplay, And move some foreplay poses to be as entrance to others poses sections, ★ Add button to give male avatar ability to cumshot while any pose, (Penis get to be outside and cumshot) it will be in sex control panel beside the cum button as the picture show. ★ Add ability to female avatars belly to growing up if the male cum inside, it will be on/off in sex setting, ★ Add ability to be pregnant if female get cumshot inside , pregnant will be as long as female put the pregnancy time in sex setting,, ★ Add ability to female/male avatars to get wetness on the private parts and creampie as i suggested in SOME OF MY SUGGESTION before. as the picture show, ★ Add many different moaning sounds in sex setting to choose from it, ★ Add new setting section (Sex setting) to control what i suggested up. In sex setting can control if accept anal sex, bisexual, pregnant, belly grow up, Moans sounds, etc. ★ Move bed/sofa bisexual oral poses to be in oral poses and it will be shown just if all partner sex setting bisexual is ON, ★ Move this pose to be in Foreplay section, Sofa poses ★ For sofa poses it will be like the picture shows, Others features poses, for example for stool sex poses can be all poses in same section, the same for table. and others. ★ About Lovense toy owner in profile, make it be shown on selected avatar, Not be shown on the others two offline avatars profiles in same account,
  5. Suggestion directed to 3DXChat Developers. I suggest to edit the character editor to be more organization, easier to find and reach objects and add more details. The new character editor will be from 3 main sections 1- Avatar 2- Clothes 3- Accessories As the picture shows 1- AVATAR When click on Avatar, It will show the avatar list on the right side of the screen to select the wanted character to use., I suggest to make users choose the avatar gender in character editor, And add more avatars for example, Female, Male , Shemale, Kitty girl, Cat boy, Foxy, Alien, Skeleton, zombie, Ghost .. etc And at same time when click on Avatar button in main list will open under Avatar button the second list of avatar details. A- FACE B- HAIR C- SHAPE AND COLORS D- PRIVATE PARTS - To choose avatar's private parts, shape and sizes As the picture shows 2- CLOTHES TOP, BOTTOM, DRESS, BRA, PANTIES, STOCKINGS, SHOES. As the picture shows I suggest to add fabric texture to the paintings section that cover all the clothes, No need to make same top design 6 times, Just make one top and add Fabric texture in paintings sections, As the picture show, 3- ACCESSORIZES, HAT, EARRINGS, GLASSES, COLLARS, BIJOUTERIE BRACELES, RINGS, As the picture shows
  6. Some of my suggestions and ideas for 3DXChat, Directed to Developers. 1- FREE SUBSCRIPTION PUBLIC LOCATION. Make one of 3DXChat public places as free subscription (Free) for example The beach, with limited poses and no private message no ability to type in world chat. A lot Benefits, Get a lot new users to 3DXChat especially they will get chance to try 3DXChat, Fight back the fake 3DX, Make 3DXChat more trustful. And keeping expired sub people in contact closer so they rejoin soon. 2- HOW TO FIX IGNORE SYSTEM WITH AVOID PANDORA, TO GET BETTER IGNORE SYSTEM WORKS ON ALL UNWANTED ACCOUNT NOT JUST ONE AVATAR, To get better ignore system, so the ignore work on ALL unwanted person faces-avatars...... Now, The server send to the client the list of ignored people. All the data about that ignored avatar is being sent over the network. To Fix.. If... the ignore system is moved to the server.. the decision is premade and the data do not need to be sent. so the overall network load is reduced since you are not sending useless data to the client in top of that... the licent is no longer responsible for decident what to draw it does what the server tells it exclusively thats overall a better design. 3- ADD PUBLIC OBJECTS TO WORLD EDITOR There are a lot objects in 3DXChat public places can add it to world editor so users can use it in private locations. 4- DIVIING, Add ability to diving while swim on sea. 5- ROLL FORMAT. Roll and add bottle spin, Edit the Roll format to be /roll max, Example, /roll 50 means Roll from 1 to 50. So including all possibilities, And add more format like as Spin in group chat, 6- ABILITY TO COLOR OBJECTS, add ability to color objects in world editor like as bed, trees, cars, tables, chairs sofa,, etc, 7- SLOW DANCE, Add real slow dance to 3DXChat, And could even add more kinds of pair dances, for example Argentine Tango, Waltz and Foxtrot. 8- CLOTHES COLORS, Fix some clothes colors that can not be white, Same as the new Skirt, leather jacket and some shoes. 9- ROOMS NAMES FILTER, make filter on rooms names to avoid use some words Rape, Force, etc 10- POLE DANCE, Add the pole dance movements to the 3DXChat interface, And add pole dance for guys. 11. WORLD EDITOR MATERIAL. Add option to choose if the materials will be stretch or repeat in world editor,
  7. Some of my suggestions and ideas for 3DXChat, Directed to Developers. 1 - SEPARATE SHARED 'FOR ALL' ROOMS AND ADD MORE DETAILS TO THE ROOMS LIST. Separate shared 'FOR ALL' rooms to be two sections, SEX ROOMS and NON-SEX ROOMS, Benefits 1- Easier to find the wanted room. 2- Make rooms List be organised and professional, 3- Give the sex and none sex rooms chance to get up in the right sections, not fair for both to be mixed, - When user click on share for all should get chat box to click share the room for sex or non sex ADD MORE DETAILS / Here some more details what can rooms list to be, 1- add room photo, can upload it in world editor. 2- add how many the room had/highest number of visitors the room had. Add highest visitors number to the room to show that room is good and pushes the owners and users to make better rooms and music, not fair room had 150 visitors then next day nobody remember it just because somebody else had stole the name or make copy of it,, 3- add descriptions arrow to show room details, link. 4 add Invite button, to invite somebody to this room, Just if you are in it already, 5- add ability to click on the owner name to show the room owner profile, as the picture explain, - And add entering message, that when people join the room see it, so rooms owners write down the room rules or welcoming messages.. 2- ADD EMOTIONS FIELD Add emotions field on 3DXChat screen, Emotions on face and body, like as Smile, Sad, Bored, etc. as the picture explain. 3- ADD ABILITY TO USE CLOTHES TEXTURE. Add ability to use cloth texture. And users can make them own clothes and designs as cloth texture,, Here is exmple, - Users just upload the texture on 3dx website as a photo then use the photo address in character editor Shirt/Dress texture place, The idea of cloth texture to be in 3dx, is to get a lot new designs, colors, and depend on users tests, so if there is ability to use clothes texture, everyone will be able to have own clothes and it not hard to add clothes texture to 3dx, Not hard to users to make cloth textures, After cloth texture will be in 3dx, 3DX no need to care much about make new clothes and upload it,, so it will save much time to focus on others uploads..... And also, It would be nice if can get tattoo as a text that can type it in character editor. So users can write down name or word or even text symbol, with size option and color, it look like so far to get it, but just to share what could be useful. 4- POSES, There are a lot poses in vagina and not in anal OR in anal not in vagina,, So if dev's could just edit the pose to make 2 of it in both vagina and anal sections, that small edit gonna give a lot poses, Like as the picture explain,, Some others exist poses that can make some small edit on it to make new poses The idea is , When make new pose at future, can make many version on it by small parts change, so can be more useful, and get more poses by less work. and can edit the exist poses to get new versions of poses, - Add option to make poses auto acceptable while partner, same as what was in DLL,, Wish Devs add this option to 3DX. 5- PROFILE. 3DX user profile with more details can be very useful. - Add profile language / On the top of the profile, add the PROFILE LANGUAGE, so all profile will changed to the selected language, a lot of empty profile in 3dx because they non English, can add few languages. German, French, Russian, Spanish, etc - add 'year' word beside the age - add Futa and Others to interested in, if it is others then can type in text box what is it, , and if interested in nothing , it shall show nothing not a question mark.. - add character type / Dominant, Submissive, - Favorite play style./ Roleplay, Romantic, Talkative, - add ability to show where is the avatar is, This option to show the location the avatar in it now in the profile, (Room name) In 3dxchat, - add more relationships, more than just married, same as engagement, master , mistress, Slave, etc - add optional to show best friends in profile, - add option to show the person is AFK, Busy, here, 6- ADD ABILITY TO WALK TOGETHER PARTNER / HOLD HANDS WALK, can add walk together s with friend with hold hands, 7- ADD OPTION TO WATCH PARTNER CAMERA/SCREEN. Add button to the 3DXChat screen to be able to watch partner's camera/screen while partner. 8- NAKED FEMALE FEET. edit female avatar to make the naked feet be flat on the floor. more realistic, At last just when walk, run and dance,, no need to re edit poses, 9- ADD SOME SEXUAL ADDITIONS, Some sexual additions could be add wetness on avatars private parts and cream-pie while partner with button to clean that's could be so realistic Add Moan Level, Start from soft moan to scream as max. Add poses auto acceptable Option Add option to accept Group sex Add Switch button to switch watching between partner's screens or back to own screen, 10- DRUNK AVATAR. Add the beer effect on the avatar (Drunk ) as idle after 3rd beer in less 10 minutes for example, and add more drinks than just a beer to 3DXChat, it could be funny touch, 11- TIMES OF DAY Add new day time that including all day times, Starts from morning to the night in loop for example one hour the loop, And it is good if can choose from where the sun position,, And add rains/Snow fall to the day time, That would be wonderful, 12- ANIMALS AND LETTERS SHAPES Add some animals and pets as objects in world editor, if possible with movement. And add it to public places too, For example in beach some sea/wild animals, And add letters and numbers shapes in world editor with size option 13 - COSTUMES add some fantasy costumes to 3DXChat, such as Ninja, Pirate Costume, HarleyQuinn, cowboy-cowgirl, Viking and etc, 14- HAIR AND BUTT PHYSICS add Hair physics or hair movement. Especially 3DX gonna add earrings so can see earrings while use long hairs.. 15- FIX THE IGNORE SYSTEM Get better ignore system, so the ignore work on ALL unwanted person faces-avatars...... 16- ADD MORE TO AVATAR CLICK MENU, 1- SYNCHRONIZED GROUP DANCE PARTNER. Devs can make it by add new option on the 'click on avatar' menu then sync dance, so the server just gonna give all the dancers same dance number and start time, when anybody of the dancers click dance number to stand all dancers to dance and add the dancers partner to 3dx screen,, and it will work for unlimited dancers, it same as add new partner kind to the game, sync dance partner, it will be the perfect unlimited way for the dancers. 2- ADD MORE RELATIONS Marry, Engagement, Lover, owner(Master/mistress). and every one cost different xgolds
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    Sky ?

    Hey,, I did installed the new update and have the new beach,,, BUT I still see the sky like this Am i installed wrong or they didnt fix it?
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