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  1. I've started to notice a pattern with the updates. They seem to come around at the end of each month, so expect something sometime this week.
  2. ♔Neon Nights♔: A Sex Club created by me. Have a look.
  3. As can see the cock is not properly attached to the female model, so you can see right through it in certain angles.
  4. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who crashed.
  5. I really love 3DXChat a lot but it could be better then its current state. Here is a list of my personal list of things I would like to see improved. If you have some to add please comment some of your own ideas below. * Sound Effects: Lets get real here I know everyone is getting tired of hearing the same moaning sounds and climax sound effects over and over again. Lets get more creative and add that spanking sound to those spanking poses as well as other new immersive sounds. * Seamless pose transitions: One thing that takes me out of the immersion most is teleportation from one pose to the next. I would rather see a transition in between them. I understand this isn't easy to animate but it should be considered. * Hug and Kiss permission: This one is simple, I don't want to be hugged and kissed by strangers unless I want them to. i would like this option available for friends and partners. * Shemale Bulges: There are a lot of clothing that aren't friendly to shemale characters. Lets see those pantie bulges etc... * Head Movement: Currently our characters will randomly stare at the nearest person. I think it would be nice if could we choose who I look at using our mouse cursors somehow. * Better Pose Positioning: I would like to see a more convenient way to select where my position is during a sex pose. When there are three people involved it becomes a mess and there should be a more convenient way to select my role before I engage in sex. * Shemale Pubic Hair: At the moment Shemale characters are just females with cocks glued on. Because of this, our cocks overlap pubic hair and it looks unnatural. I would like to see pubic hair correctly applied just for us. * Fully Clothed during Sex: I would like to see panties around ankles, unzipped pants with his or her dick out. * Creampies: After a climax I would like to see semen a dripping and oozing effect after sex, rather then it shoot through bodies like we're ghosts or something. This is a sex game lets get really messy! * Convenient Object Pose Invitations: Right now it is inconvenient to invite people to partner poses. For example, If another player is laying on a bed by themselves then you will not be able to select their beds poses even when your partnered up with them, unless they get off the bed first or you select a different bed. Instead I should be able to select poses regardless if they are using that bed or not. * Animated Cock Arousal: Our cocks seem to be permanently hard at the moment. I would like to see fully animated cock arousal and flaccid cocks when not. * Multiple voice options: So far all our characters have one voice for male and female. If we had a variety to select from that would be nice. * Specific poses only Objects: I would like to see objects that are customized to only allow specific poses. This helps when making objects with poses and not trying to confuse people when they try to use them. * Throat Bulging: Earlier I saw the Deepthroat animation and noticed something wrong there is no throat bulging. It looks odd without it. Lets add it shall we?
  6. I am tired of this...I am constantly getting disconnected and I don't know what to do about it. I have tried Adding 3DXchat to my firewall. Nothing. I have tried using the US AND Euro Proxy. Nothing. I have tried running the game in Administrator. Nothing. I have tried Restarting my Modem. Nothing. I need some help with this issue badly.
  7. I can't seem to be able to login. Is this intentional? (Update: Third account went through. I have no clue what went wrong with the last two tries. All good now.)
  8. Deepthroat and cock slap. Its good stuff. But look at those cock physics! Haven't seen it wobble like that in the game yet as far as I know. Good things ahead for sure.
  9. Yes...those bodies are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...........to stretched out. Her shoulders look are to broad. They can't use the male animations they will have to be redone to fix probably.
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