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    Not Here to duplicate Real Life but to live a different life focusing on emotion, respect and FUN.
    Pas ici pour reproduire la vie réelle mais pour vivre une vie différente focalisée sur les émotions, le respect et l'amusement.
    RolePlay - Relax mind - Forget Real Life - Build new rules and respect them.

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  1. Have 2 private room and not only one. Be able to open the public rooms as private (group) room.
  2. Always strange to see people blamming the price and saying without having any accurate information that the developper are making huge money without any effort. Sorry to be short, but if is is so easy to make money without effort, do your own game and fill your pocket. 65 USD per year is cheap to have the most beautifull interactive sex game that exist today (as far as I know). This game has a lot of defect : No regular update, NO information, NO forum attention (I think they are not english native). My projection for future is that it will not change whatever everyone can say. Base on these facts, do your choice and play it by paying or use your money for something else. To be more construtive. Just adding 2 poses + 2 clothes/hair a month (for each category MM MF FF) would be a refreshing change. I agree with some comments that the graphics are already so good that this is not what requires improvement. I play also low quality and despite that ... oh my god, how sexy can be some avatar to look at ... even if after some time what matters is ..... the person.
  3. We know what we have and what we have not here : - A fix monthly ( or 6 month or yearly price) making the price of a month going from 2 x Mac Donald meal (if you pay each month) to 1 x Mac Donald meal (if you pay one year) - Very few update with no vision of when it will happen. - A very small team developpement following their desire A "family spirit" game with pro and cons compared with huge cash machine game having many many many more "Player / Gamer / Customer / Human" You love it or not but this what you have and it will not change. On top of that I would add : "yes a very small team with low ressources" but they have made a universe that you find nowhere else. This last point is for sure one of the reason of the perfectly understandable complaint as we all have the feeling that it could be still much more better. So it creates some frustration. But sorry to say that, this place is unique, you can blame the developpement team, how the evolution goes .... but this is a really incredible story than this place. (been here for about 3 year FYI)
  4. Try to do a right clic before doing shift + c. It works like that for me.
  5. to be able to open the public Room in private mode. This function was not more possible in last Rocchi dll due to game update. Having "Love island", Beach ... in private mode is a really nice function to have. I miss it.
  6. 1) Add function to the CHAT SYSTEM (which is the main interaction mean we have before and even during ) Have a new tab with all the different channel visible (or not) with specific color : local / group / pm / world Add lines (minimum 50 - better 100) to stop missing something. 2) Create a Guild/Family/ "any term you wish" group function with a specific channel to communicate better and open room with people that are between "more than contact" and "less than Husband/Spouse". 3) Share a room open to some people even when you are Not in the game. 4) add to "/me" a "/mo" without the name first but with the pink color. "/me says hello" give today Deeborah says hello "/mo says hello" would give says hello So IN one word : SOCIAL function
  7. Server Not down. Oh ... but how many days is it now without any crash ? So many post when it crashs so let's make a post when it doesn't.
  8. Many argument but let's not forget one very simple thing. 3dx is by far (for me) the most beautifull and realistic looking avatar. The consequence of that difference with huge world like SL ... is that for some people, you really "feel to be" the avatar much more than in uggly looking alternative (achat ....) and it really looks beautifull when you dance, walk run or .. have fun ... So on one side much less possibilities of the "game" than the other world but much esier to enter in your avatar and have pleasure/emotion to interact with your(s) partner. I "think" that between this fact and the very small developpment team, it makes all update more difficult as the more function you implemente, the higher you create new bug than can degrade the base of this worl : its graphic quality. So to have more function, it means to change of scale : from family size to big company developping size software It is not the target of Gizmo today If one day it changes : - maybe we will have many more function (making this world more amazing) - but maybe the "more cash revenue" will become more driving the game and I am not sure we will appreciate more this unique world. We can give a lot of criticism to how 3dxchat evolves, but there is something I appreciate : I have never had the feeling to be just a customer treated like a lemon that you press until there is no more juice (money) to get. We say in french "not to be a milky cow". Not sure it means something in english
  9. And this exemple illustrates that there are many many TOTALLY different reasons/motivation to come in this game and live emotions. If the "users" were not human, this place could be an heaven. There are so many posibilities that you find nowhere else. But as user are human, this place is full of Drama, and maybe worst, of people full of sadness, partially because people want that the other come here for the same reason than them. So my 2 coppers : Take some distance with thatFocus on people you are fine withdon't care with the othersdont' JUDGE the othersand YES this place CAN BE AN Heaven.
  10. So now as we are a very united community, we have to find a way to crash the server at a schedule time that will be fine to everybody without creating any issue to anybody ... ....... Any thougths ?
  11. Please give facts and not rumour. They didn't ask for money. I can give a personnal witness that on this subject they were totally fair. I had proposed myself at the begining that they open a way to support them on financial and they refused. They wanted to be sure to succeed before doing this. If someone has given money and lost it, please confirm. But all other saying the opposite without having given themself money and lost it are just "talking to talk" and show how good they are compared with them. Very easy to say "I had told you they would fail". I am sad that they didn't succeed. Whatever the reason, it was their project, I know people have spent a lot of personnal time inside.
  12. It seems it is closed but there was not any information. Just suddenly no more access to web site and forum. I know some people have put a lot of their time and energy so it is sad. They never asked for any money so this is to respect. And as some say, very easy to say that developping a game and/or making patch is easy, but once you have to do it, creating new things without creating new problem is .... not so easy.
  13. It seems to me that since approximativelly 2 weeks, there is no more crash server. Am I correct or just lucky ?
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