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  1. It would be great if we could change the colours of the hats...
  2. When I try to log in with the Europe server, I get a connexion lost or a connexion refused. It seems to work with the USA server, but then I don't have access to my friend list. What is happening again ?
  3. Sorry to say that for months, and sometimes years, we've been asking for glitches fixes that just never happen, with no communication at all from the devs, so yes they can be pretty unprofessional. If really there's Ddos attack going on, I wish them good luck. I just have the feeling that they managed their business with very low standards during a long period of time, which eventually comes back at you, now with some guys trying to take the whole system down because they realised they can. If really, again, it's a Ddos attack. And don't worry, history has proven that they don't read the forum and don't care about what we say. Not trying to be mean here. Just saying some hard truths, in my opinion.
  4. Ddos again... I don't know, it really seems hard to believe at that point.
  5. Impossible to connect, I click login and nothing happens.
  6. A DDos attack, really ? I mean why not, but it's not what you previously said... And it sure is an easy way to be excused. Were all the crashes every day DDos attacks too ? All the lags and glitches ? Is the game under Ddos attack for several years now ? At this point, it's not an attack anymore, it's a war. By the way, when it will work again, I suggest you to write : " The game is temporarily available ”. You don't fool us anymore. Oh by the way, we are paying, this is not a free game. I can't help myself to remember it to you. It's probably because I love money so much.
  7. So am I. I wouldn't be so angry if i didn't like the game and the people I met. I would have just try a month and then forget about it.
  8. Yes, I sent an email. No answer for several days now. I'm not asking for a refund, i'm asking for a working game.
  9. Stabily improvements and bug fixes... The word of the evening is : Irony
  10. Again, the game has major glitches for several years, never been fixed. That's not a pretty good job. That's not a job at all. This game is not playable. It needs to be fixed, that's all.
  11. 5 minutes. That's how long I was able to be connected before I get a connexion down again. Fix your game. It's not playable. We are paying for a service we don't get. Fix your game.
  12. They've been glitches for years now, and since several weeks it's wosrt and worst, so please... They are working on it, really ? Where ? How should we know that ?
  13. Two things : first, if my internet provider crashed several times every day, I will ask them to fix the problem and they WOULD. 3dx devs don't. Second, yes it's a game, and we pay for it. We are paying for a game we can't play because of the bugs and the crashes. So I'm sorry, but no, that's not all : if I pay for something, I want it to work properly. I don't think it's that hard to understand.
  14. Once again, a crash. Once again. And when the game works, it's with an incredible amount of glitches. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Your game is broken. Fix it. We are paying for a service you do not provide. Fix this fucking game. FIX IT. Why is it so hard to understand ? How is it even possible that it last for so long now ? FIX YOUR GAME NOW.
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