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  1. Turkiyenin her boku banlamasından ötürü bu durum. encrypt.me dene
  2. Pandora or not, account wide ignore is a needed feature
  3. Gj implementing toys no one cares about
  4. List the rooms from low to high, take rooms with 0 population to down below. Take away 300 xgold crown thing away. I'm sick of seeing every same place on first 3-4 row everyday. And while doing this maybe change something like "Sex Rooms" tab, So that i don't see stupid fucks who writes "BBC PORN FUCK OH YES BWC" on their room names. You'll say "ignore" There will be someone another allways. It won't end with "ignore"
  5. Do a Q&A with community already! I was having converstaion with my friends in my room partying! I can't enter the game now.
  6. I was feeling bad so i left the game early today, So another disconnect issue? @Gizmo Well, your competitor gonna make a move now probably. So if you are not gonna make your own move, this game will be finished soon. I'm pretty sure on that. Most people wants that stupid sync issue gone. And servers to actually work. Mark my words if you don't fix these, your game will lose many players.
  7. Does it even matter? My problem isn't with VPN but so that you asked its windscribe
  8. First of all i log in to game from Turkey. After last patch of the game we're not able to use chat if we don't have VPN enabled, it started like 2 years ago that we couldn't log in to 3dxchat.com, then in game profile pictures got lost and then we can't enter rooms if VPN isn't enabled. Now we can't even chat It might be this is Turkey's ISP problem, but it might be on 3DX side aswell. So if you can look into it for a while would really appreciate it. @Gizmo @Lisa
  9. Most likely if they give it to rooms there won't be people around those public zones much. Just take a look at saloon. Awesome place but full empty.
  10. Can't believe there would be a time that i had the same opinion with alivia. lol. Still yes, Customization, clothes, this goes into customing but tattoos, rings, body accesorries. Game is lacking in those departments too much. Heck i don't want to walk like i have heels on allways
  11. I did and would like you rest to report his any other account. Tried to explain why he is in the wrong, but i guess "raper"s like him won't understand logic.
  12. While you are doing all these poses i'm still waiting here for any kind of breast pose, titjob, licking, sucking any of it actually.
  13. Well most "lesbians" have cocks in this game, so..
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