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  1. Yup. I have the same issue. I am sick of not seeing any pics without VPN and now, there is not connecting to chat issue. Well, I don't know what can you do about it but if there is any solution please work on it.
  2. (\(\ /)/) ( ‘.’) (‘.’ ) o(_”)”) ("("_)o
  3. I even sent a ticket like 2 days ago but didn't get any answer ...
  4. Well I know what you mean.I have done this million times but this situtation is new for me and I already reinstalled the game.
  5. After the new patch, I am not able to log in. It says " Could not connect to server"
  6. Jingle Bells Jingle Bell She misses me when I am away There is nothing that is better than a hot shower ;D These pesky bra's Night Night, Bedtime Isn't she beautiful I ♥ you so much! @Akali
  7. I am getting horny .... Are we going to see more covers from you?
  8. "What we say to god of sex, Not Today" Season 4 Episode 5
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