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  1. Yes, I obviously didn't take a picture of all of it XD
  2. In my eyes it's a username that is public and a bunch of pixels that people have made for the public unlike peoples real faces that you can't choose the shape of but for anyone who doesn't want the pictures of them shown they can always say no or ask me to censor certain parts if you look at the screenshots I posted I said I was going to post them in my thread and there was no objection I also removed the first picture I posted as a request
  3. Yeah... instead I'd be raping you x
  4. He didn't exactly ask but I knew what I was getting myself into like he said we were breaking roleplay constantly and making jokes
  5. I really don't get why I made this thread no sleep will do that for you... feel free to shit post
  6. @JustinCredible @redheadrider Just had my first experience wasn't really one I was expecting but hey "fun" with friends I don't know if these pics are in the right order for any roleplay seen by me in the following it was all acted, I'm rather tired and I wasn't in the mental mood for this it was mainly practice with rp
  7. So I was on 3DX Chat today... it was finally up for longer than an hour just thought I'd post about my experience so far I guess Firstly all day I was struggling to find a room I liked I finally found one that did good music and the dj was entertaining (DJWolf) not sure if that's his full username I still haven't lost my 3DX Virginity.. I was kind of dragged into some roleplay but... well it was really boring and I'm so so sooo shit at roleplay it was embarrassing... It is currently 5 am, I didn't want to go to bed but I would have rather gone to sleep than have to continue that... I don't think they have forum accounts but if you are reading this no offence I have always felt super awkward in those situations Throughout my current 3DX experience everyone has been treating me very kindly I received about 11 gifts of people welcoming me to the game and people bought me 8 photo slots which was kind of funny as you currently can't upload photos in 3DX but my experience right now is an experience you could get with any chat game honestly I haven't at all explored my kinky side I guess I'll just have to open up more. Probably for the best if I get really really drunk before trying this again If you are interested in adding me in-game and keep a good conversation going or even better have creative game ideas send me a message in game I've noticed in 3DX I'm very introverted when talking to people I haven't spoken to for a while and I'm too nervous to message people first as I have found a few toxic people I'm a huge fan of people that have a level of humour to them and can understand what I'm saying
  8. I've seen a lot of people rolling dice but I haven't been
  9. yeah read here all the bugs lisa mentioned
  10. That actually looks awesome can't wait for the game to be running again
  11. It's weird sometimes it works fine and then it doesn't, when there were some outages today me and others were still in-game while others couldn't connect and everyone was naked and bald and profiles didn't work also in rooms all you could see was the ocean... You could only really message people
  12. There is an ongoing DDoS attack
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