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    to meet people with whom I can talk.

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  1. what do you want, there are bastards who don't want to see others having fun, their only pleasure is to annoy others. Unfortunately, that's how it should be, but they should be beaten with sticks until death ensues.
  2. personally I don't care how long 3dxchat will be stopped, what I want is that the morons who attack 3dx servers get fucked hard ^^
  3. Rockpalast opens its doors again to make you listen to rock, with the presence of the charming Bare Bunnies.
  4. Eidamir and I are waiting for you this evening for the inauguration of Rockpalast ...
  5. Eidamir and I are expecting you tomorrow evening for the opening at 9 p.m.
  6. Hello all .... Espiegle invites you for a joint show between the Pole=^.^=cats and the bare bunnies on November 9, 2019 at 9:00 pm All will be welcome
  7. Espiègle invites you to discover the new Polecats room from 9:00pm on October 25th.
  8. Espiegle and Damcles present Inauguration of the 3dx Art Museum Friday, September 27 at 09:00pm With the participation of Bare Bunnies and polecats.
  9. Go again for a second night with the cat's eyes.
  10. Salon / Expo de ses voitures pour la seconde fois , ouverture à 21h (Paris) DJ : KiwiNeko Avec la présence des Pole=^.^=Cats
  11. Welcome opening NC Cat's eyes Friday 20th September
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