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  1. So I work in tech, and am a systems administrator. Granted, for websites, not games, but, puts me in a better understanding than most for this particular problem. Anyway, DDoS attacks are incredibly hard to fight. So here's the thing with DDoS attacks, what happens is hackers infect random peoples PCs with a virus. Maybe the virus doesn't even seem to have any ill effects on the user. Just sits there (often times they throw plenty of other nasty things in there, but, lets keep it simple for now). So now, you have control of thousands of computers under your control, all that are real, have net
  2. My guess is, and idk why they haven't just outright said it, is they have some kind of network filtering going on. Network filtering is always clunky and annoying at best, because it's really hard to determine good traffic from bad. However, there are things they could be doing, like, whitelisting long time players, setting up queues where if the game hits a certain amount of players, the game doesn't crash, it just forces new people logging on into the queue, etc...
  3. Fair enough, not trying to get anyone else banned, but at this point, if they want to ban me from a game I can't really play... meh. I'll ask around discord. My discord handle is Neilquinn11#4890 if anyone wants to talk to me about it privately
  4. I agree, so I ask again, does anyone know of any good alternatives? Because I'm seriously considering leaving until they get their shit in line. A customer of over 3 years, and I don't see the point in giving them more of my money to pay for a game I can't play
  5. Fucking seriously, it's maddening. I came on after work because I was barely able to hang out with anyone during my lunch break. I've tried being on for 20 minutes, only 5 minutes were actually in game before it fucking crashed again. Seriously, anyone know of any good alternatives to 3dx other than RLC or AChat (tried them, meh). Maybe I'd come back to 3dx when they get their shit fixed, but this is getting infuriating, why am I paying for a service I can't use?
  6. Agreed, I've been playing for years, and the responses/information from any kind of "staff" are hysterically lacking from any sort of a "company". I've stuck around because I do love the game, and for the most part, it's worked more than well enough. But they treat this like it's just a hobby and not actually a business, which is mind boggling at $20 a month per subscription.
  7. In my job, if I had connections dropping and servers crashing as often as they are here, I'd be fired after 2 weeks. They crash 3-4 times a day (that I see, probably more cause it's not like I'm on 24/7)
  8. So I haven't posted on the forums in a while, but, this is getting stupid. First, I want to say I work in IT, while I don't do games, I have been a server administrator for the last 10 years, so I know plenty about server architecture. You guys had my sympathy for a while, having gone through similar things, after the DDOS attack. They're a bitch to manage, and filter the traffic, and the IT team I'm sure got little sleep during it. However, at this point, I'm now speaking as a paying customer. Literally every time I log on it seems theres at least one server crash during my play time. Y
  9. Thought I'd get some feedback on my current WIP. Nothing outside is really done yet, still adding detailing, but overall really happy with the concept so far.
  10. So, I recently got an oculus rift, and thought I'd try it out in the game. I honestly couldn't give it a fair test, because it is kind of horribly broken. For those of you who haven't tried it, it is exactly what you'd expect, with the UI just kind of floating in front of you. The problem being, that whenever you hit space, it moves the UI to be directly in front of wherever you're currently looking. This even happens while you're typing. So if I respond to a friend, I look down to the left where my chat box is, as I type I hit space, which moves the chat box down even further, rinse and repea
  11. For all the people who say that "they've given up on the game" have no sense about the difficulties of programming. No shot in HELL would they have bothered doing something as massive as the world editor update if they were just "giving up". Sure, I don't think they give the game the attention it deserves, but I don't think it's dead by any stretch. The devs are silent a lot, its not reason to panic, the sky isn't falling. IMO, and I've tried a few others at this point, 3dx is still the best by a pretty good margin.
  12. My current work in progress, a dive bar
  13. Wanted to show off my latest place, pretty happy with how it came out
  14. @SkyDiver It can be done, and I think it's a good idea All it would need in the code is a timer. You would just need to know what second the animation is at, and, click a button to sync your dance to the same second OR wait until their dance resets before starting yours. It would actually be fairly easily to implement I'm guessing (obviously not having looked at the code)
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