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  1. In WE you can Shift-Left click to jump around room, maybe something like that since the functionality is basically already in the game.
  2. Well, since XMas is coming, I suppose wish lists are in order ... - Add an Autosave feature.
  3. Almost a year later and I still see this bug. Along with this, is it really that hard to implement an auto-save feature? That would help a lot I think. Sometimes I get so engrossed in what I'm working on, I forget to save regularly.
  4. FWIW, I installed a VPN and was able to get into the game without constant disconnects.
  5. Same here. Lisa did say there would be an outage ... but I thought it was tomorrow? Ah it is tomorrow there, never mind
  6. Great idea. It would also be one less (unnecessary) connection to their game server(s).
  7. This is why it would be nice, at least for builders, to have an offline mode.
  8. Well .... At least forum is back up (for now) so folks can "vent". 😏
  9. Well there is always Tequila and Netflix.
  10. Maybe the question should be when "isn't" it down
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