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  1. No better dance than a birthday dance Happy Birthday 3Dx!
  2. Same for me. Well, DJing without being there, awesome. Not!
  3. "for some time" .... I love the precise informations
  4. Got one too, link in the pm leads to a sex dating site, reported for spam.
  5. Die Zeit, die es ausfällt, wird ja auf dein jetziges Zeitkontingent aufgerechnet, also zahlt hier niemand drauf. Ärgerlich ist es natürlich, aber da kann man nix machen. Ein DDoS-Schutz für nen Server kostet bereits Zigtausende, das kann sich eine verhältnismäig kleine Plattform wie 3Dx verständlicherweise nicht einfach mal so schnell zulegen. Also cool bleiben, RL geniessen, irgendwann wird es den Script Kiddies wieder langweilig werden.
  6. Of course they are traceble, but that would gain nothing. DDoS-Attacks happens with a bot net, which you can buy for a few bucks in the Darknet, every Script Kiddie can make a DDoS-Attack nowadays. With this thousands of computers, most of them totally unaware, they are attacking the server with requests. That happens, because they are infected with some kind of malware, trojan or virus. A possibility would be to block any IP adress which attacks... but with thousands of them (and IP adresses changes), you will come to a point, that you also block legal users. And then maybe the atta
  7. Existence is pain

  8. how long???

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    2. Mike Tyroon

      Mike Tyroon

      this has been going on for 4 days, i need my girls!!!
    3. Astariel


      We all need them, but hopefully they will find a solution soon :D

    4. Mike Tyroon

      Mike Tyroon

      yes i hope this too bro

  9. No need to change anything on your system, we just need to wait
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