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  1. yesterday I was like hypnotized when i watched my nipples ^^
  2. I have the same problem as NoireDesire. Room stay always the same.
  3. well.. when I click the save button.. the mousepointer change for maybe 1 second to this sandclock icon so my pc want to save it as it seems. I tried now to save at my mornings, my evenings and nights. two days ago i re installed the game then I could manage to change my room (unfortunately). Right after I couldn`t save and load again. With my "builder avatar" I have cleared all props and I only can load the default world. Its strange that all my friens can load my worlds while I enjoy this amazing default room now ^^ so now I try again after I changed the server. I really hope devs fix it soon
  4. "Lucky" you.. I can`t load and save my worlds anymore.. no matter how long I do wait and how often I try.
  5. Hi there, since 4-5 days I can`t save my worlds nor load them. I tried everything. I waited ages for the loading, windows defender, anti virus, run the file browser as admin.. I tried serval times in row.. I even tried to load from a different harddisk. I tried the file from Gizmo right now and I could load a world, but not save it.. now its as before and I can`t load and save my rooms. It`s just me who has still this problem?
  6. Hi Lexzia, thank you very much for your answer. Damn, Im sad now
  7. Hello, I have built since days on my room, have spent many hours for it. Today I was there with a friend, and all weas fine. When I went back to the customize option for my room, it was suddenly empty. I restarted the game, but the room is still empty. Is there any chance to get my room back?
  8. i have the same problem. Suddenly it stops and repeats a part of the song in a loop until I reenter the room.
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