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  1. Nice Project Dany, sounds really interesting
  2. This year even bigger event, We have Bare Bunnies & Sirens & Sailors. With great Music
  3. Tonight is a special night of Soft tunes and Medium Love Tunes, feel the love from your partner and Celebrate the coming of your Valentine partner.
  4. BE MY VALENTINE Be my Valentine where couples & single meet to find or love a partner. Dance to the loving songs and find the partner you always wanted in 3DX Chat. Starting on Feburary 13th @ 9pm cet / 15pm Est come and join us and get married on the love heart of the room. Remember the moments @Be My Valentine.
  5. Merry Christmas from Heaven Chat We give you a Merry Christmas to all Community to our, this year Christmas Event . Our Discord been one of the longest running for 3dx chat Est in 10 Oct 2017 We all welcome all the Community to Join Our Christmas Night on Sunday 20th December 2020 @9:00 Cet /15:00 Est
  6. Ceremony 9-10 pm - waiting from 9pm Cet waiting on Friends and Guest to arrive, Ceremony will Commence soon as people stop coming in. Pool Party DJ's 10 pm - 11 pm: Sherry 11 pm - 12 am: DanyFR 12 am - 1 am: JessicaX 1 am - 2 am: LiliCreapie
  7. I am looking forward to all my friends and people I know on the day. I want to tell you all, that you are the best of 3DX Chat as to offer, Without good people with good hearts, 3DX Chat wouldn't be the same without you all.
  8. MaxineJuicer & AmethystThalia Anniversary & Party! Three Years from the 9th October MaxineJuicer & AmethystThalia was Married. Joining our hands in love for Eternal and forever. This is Married is more than is expected from 3DX Chat, its also Real. Find out the truth of this necklace MaxineJuicer bought AmethystThalia in Real Life @ our Anniversary Speech. MaxineJuicer & AmethystThalia would like you to join us all in the Special occasion and listen to our speech. All Friends & Guests welcome. Ceremony is from 9pm cet - 10pm Cet Pool Party starts DJ list. Sherrie Dany JessicaX & LiliCreampie
  9. Girls Girls Girls, if you like the sexiest and want them naked come along
  10. Hi Everyone, Just to let you all know. I will be Playing Trance / EDM at 8pm cest - 10pm Cest at the Full Moon Event tonight.
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