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  1. Dear Gizmo and other developers. After greetings! Haven't you finished testing yet? It's messy and annoying a bit jumping between two 3DXChats or opening both of them at the same time. The main and official 3DXChat has some glitches and bugs as well, so why not combine them and focus on one instead of two. If it's about advertising, I would suggest making 1-3-7 days free trial for new users who sign up or wanna try. I can't find the main reason for delaying this update.
  2. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I run 2 businesses and let's start with " Did I mention the word hiring or more paid developers?" but in case you are insist "how do you know they are not able or will be able to pay?" (and the fact that if they hire people they are not be able to pay for them..., it's clear Mr.Go) second I think you didn't pay so much attention, but Allie did. The idea about store or else.. open the way for other people to add something to this game. without mentioning names but some people they add so much to 3DX and for free, and yeah many would volunteer for Free! and ther
  3. Hmmmmm... Lovely Alivia. 1st Probably you spend more time in Second Life, so you forgot one of the main reasons why people stay in 3DXChat, but no worries, i will refresh your memory *hehe* - In 3DXChat, you only buy a subscription and that's it, no more paying here and there like other 3D chats. 2nd The Idea of XGold is not accurate since even boosting rooms to top depends on numbers as well to stay on top, also pictures slots are too expensive as long you open more. other chats offer more of slots for free or convenient price, so it's bad for players what you suggested there, and not fair
  4. I tried both 1 and 2 I highly recommend option (2) why? PlayOnMac doesn't give you the graphics in 3DXChat as window and i don't know why. it's faded and too bright. Also it's heavier and slower than on Windows. Tried many Wines versions, but result always the same. Download Windows ISO and run BootCamp and it will guide you to end up with Windows (depends on the ISO version you downloaded) on your Mac. in this way you will be able to run 3DXChat smoothly in Windows Environment without any graphics or lag problems. Be aware that in addition to switch between Mac OS and Windows OS, you will nee
  5. Don't dare to stop! Inspirational and creative work!
  6. I understand what crash means, but since she said that she have it only when she's away it means something to do with sleeping PC. Now for the crash thing, I totally agree with you here and experience the same, especially in crowded rooms! I wish some fixes in the game soon because crashing and glitches start to be annoying.
  7. Hello Layla! I do use 3DXChat on both Mac and Windows. i'm most likely using Mac more so I haven't face that problem. Anyway, Active time is not based on the game it's based on the OS (Windows) in this case. go to settings on windows the power. Changing the sleep time of HDD (Hard Driver Disks) might fix that issue without needing to change the sleep time of the display, but if it won't work then change both HDD and Display. Please note: if it's a PC working on batteries, that option will make battery dies fast. I hope this will help you.
  8. 1st (Restart your PC/Laptop) 2nd Try to run the download as administrator 3rd Still same? Download a fresh version from 3DXchat directly and run it also as Administrator. in rare cases empty RAMs cash may help, but it helps to boost speed up always in general by deleting cash files. To clean cash - Press windows+R and type (Temp) Delete everyhting inside that folder - Press windows+R and type (prefetch) Delete everyhting inside that folder Hope your issue will be fixed.
  9. Thanks for the developers, but I was expecting more as long as the game needs more content (cloths, Locations, and advance settings for editing characters) it's kinda funny that avatars so limited in terms of appearance. If you not going to do this? it's fine, just change the format of characters to obj or fbx and i will gladly do my avatar and load it to the system. Now for the ignore system, I love it actually that no more wide banned. I know some are right like JessicaX and Chloe and those who complain about abuse and stalker etc... but those who do that they don't have problems to create
  10. That's because the DLL. Whenever a person use ghost bot then remove it by the "DLL" they can switch poses without any permission need.
  11. Hello everyone! Thank you for reading this topic and a warm welcome. Who Is Me? - Antonio Valentini “Tony", graphic designer. I do this as a hobby & I have a passion doing it, especially when it's naughty What I have here? - A website I use as a gallery and station for art & naughty desires (with limits). Why I'm doing this? - I like designing, editing, making comics and I like to see people pleased, also to push art, artistes, and designers more forward. How this can be interesting for you? As a designer or artist Get your space for show and be recommended for the field you a
  12. The Artist's Domain By: llTonyll The home of Tony's Studio " Will never be shared or given "
  13. I'm talking in something, you reply in something else. without the sub poses the result still same. and btw they can make poses has " accept " button here or there. just developers preference
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