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    Im one there love to smile and have fun. I try always to answer people. I am a open person there, like to help others. I like to see people smile and have fun.
    To be nice to others is in my nature, and i expect people will be that to me as well, other wise it is waste of time.

    I Have a huge passion for build, DJ and organize parties.
    To my close friends i will do anything for them.

    Most of the time you will find me around friends or in World Editor

    See you online

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  2. @Gizmo & @Lisa Since the new patch i really have hard times to see my own profile or others.. That also means i can't talk to anyone if i not are in the same room as them.! This should be fixed ASAP as i know i not are the only one there have this problem
  3. It is not about numbers.. None care about numbers.. (Well some does as i see it) I would rather be in a place where i "know" people. Same goes with parties.. To be to a party where there are over 100 but most are zombies and not talk..boring..! So better to have fewer and they have fun and talks.. It's about enjoy together.. Discord or ingame.. same same.. This is a "Server Down" tropic.. and not a promotion place for Discord groups. If everyone started to do this, so it would be a mess here, and people can't really follow, what they came for and for see the information they seek on this tropic..
  4. Could use some open jackets for both male and females.. and still have shirt, bra etc.. under the jacket
  5. Yes would fit much better under the slots: Top Wear and Bra.. 😉
  6. Thank you all for an amazing Birthday party.. You all was amazing..! And thanks for that HUGE surprise..!! LOL i was WTF is going on and just sit with open mouth and think.. Really..! Thanks guys.. it means a world to me.. Thanks Dany for that surprise where i words not are enough..! ❤️
  7. Amazing room once again from your hand sis.. ❤️ Looking forward to celebrate our 1 year Trance Mission party tonight.. And not at least also celebrate two people's birthdays.. Live today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever
  8. FINAL DAY TOMORROWLAND DAY 4 Is now ongoing
  9. What a opener day in Tomorrowland... WOOOT.. After 3 years in here, so i have never see something like that before.. Just AMAZING All you there came by Tomorrowland Day 1 - HUGE Thank you to all of you..! Thanks to the DJs for Day 1: Zanok Natsumi AmethystThalia MaxineJuicer Kei Sherry Great job guys
  10. @gizmo I think the ghost comes from the left overs, when you had that funny Halloween ghost in the game for soon 3 years ago.. Now i am not a tech person.. But the ghost should be in your codes somewhere Or ask Rochi about this. Now she knows everything about it. And yes it could be nice to have it added into the game again. It gave people a lot of opportunity. And yes.. while we are here.. So we could have a Funny Halloween once again
  11. The Party will Start: 9pm Cest / 3am EDT / 12pm PDT The first person in the mix, is Zanok there will get the honor to open a big event like this
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