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    Im one there love to smile and have fun. I try always to answer people. I am a open person there, like to help others. I like to see people smile and have fun.
    To be nice to others is in my nature, and i expect people will be that to me as well, other wise it is waste of time.

    I Have a huge passion for build, DJ and organize parties.
    To my close friends i will do anything for them.

    Most of the time you will find me around friends or in World Editor

    See you online

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  1. My first try about build a "sex room/home" for sex parties And no the room have never been open.. There is two working houses on each side on the main house as well.. File size: 1mb
  2. GSPOT - My own brand and small party group File size: 1,4mb
  3. Velvet Hotel and Spa a gift to the Velvet group File size: 1mb
  4. Surprise, Surprise... After a little delay on one week, due to we wanted to support our friends, so we now are here again.. Ready as always to once again entertain you! We party under the hashtag #respect Respect to each others, respect to what others do, and respect to each and everyone there takes part in the journey, from GSPOT members, to dancers, to friends, to guest there comes for give support. One once told me: "if you want to get respect, so you show up to your friends events, and support them" So now it's time to honor all these people there give common respect to each others..
  5. Thank you all there came by for an amazing day/evening and night..!! Thanks to the team of GSPOT and GFORCE for once again do an amazing job. We will soon be back with another party.. First Friday each months is where we open and hold a party.. See you all soon again...
  6. And finally we have our DJs.. the guys & girls there always will do their best for entertain you with there amazing tunes..
  7. We ofc also gets help from some amazing members there makes sure all goes smooth to the parties..
  8. Let us take a closer look at our GFORCE dancer's and introduce them Here we have the boys..
  9. We are coming back... 6th August the doors opens once again. GSPOT are ready to entertain you. GFORCE our exclusive dance team coming back as well. The guys are trimmed and ready, and with new crew members as well. Be ready, because we are
  10. You are such a great and amazing builder Amy.. I really like your work and style. And i am also one of your fans there use some of your creations Thank you for share so much with us
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