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    I like playing computer games, watching football (soccer) and rugby league. I enjoy socialising with friends and meeting new people, going out dancing and having fun!

    I love trance music and I have listened to it all my life, going to many big clubs around the world for trance events. I like all different types of electronic music really, house, hard dance, hardstyle, etc. I just like to dance and have a good time. :D

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  1. Nice, got some free time that weekend, might have to pop by and have a look!
  2. I always used this service too, never any problems.
  3. Just one week to go until the party, hope to see you all there. Fun times!
  4. Looking forward to it Torax, you always throw a good party!
  5. Looking forward to seeing some of the amazing objects created by talented members of the community!
  6. I have been using the SHOUTca.st Pro service for over a year now and never had a single problem.
  7. Here is a few screenshots of AsherRein's Skyhaven Airship, another amazing piece of art by Asher. It's so beautiful!
  8. Modz WEART Party AsherRein's Airship Sunday 25th Feb, 5pm CET / 11am EST The theme for this party is to allow the amazing creators in 3DX to showcase object's they have made. Objects made by creative people here on 3DX will be showcased in a separate room. Access to this room will be via a group room invite from within the main party at Asher's. The main room will have live DJ's spinning their tracks for your enjoyment throughout the party. Let's have some fun!
  9. The Unity engine creates a sphere around your camera, anything inside that sphere is rendered in HD, outside it is SD. It's good to have big spaces if you create detailed structures so they're each out of the spheres range at any one time.
  10. There's a game on Steam called Besieged that uses the Unity engine and let's multiple people edit inside the game at once.
  11. Get somebody to host a room, then you join it. Then get the person hosting to close the room while you're still in there. It crashes the game a lot but not every time.
  12. Normally a host would let you know they're closing the room so you can leave and not risk the crash. But yes crashing when a room closes has been in the game for a very long time now!
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