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  1. Hi, here is the actual link of the fresco stream. http://titan.shoutca.st:8737/stream Regards
  2. Hi, I am sorry I can't change the music in the editor I have no access to it. About the music stream addition I think the devs will solve it soon. This is why I didn't answered earlier, I can't help on this. Regards
  3. I am fixing the servers this will be done in few hours I think I found a way to make it works better. Actually Fresco / SinClub / Yacht / Love Island see to work better I will fix now the NightClub and later the Saloon . Btw in the next day I will make many tests so there could be some cuts sometimes. Regards Thanks Togo to have take time to look at it.
  4. Hi MeiLing you speak about All Public places or you include Private places too ? Btw I am on my way to check and even fix my side. Regards
  5. Hi Darkangel, I have restarted the Stream server of Love Island I hope it will fix the problem in game. In direct listening people seems to not have problem with it. Keep me tunned if the drops are still happening. Regards
  6. Hi Matrix, I am sorry I didn't remember you asking about the rules. As the music topic turn often as drama I prefer to stay away from it. As every others did , you are welcome to send me a Pm in the forum and / or in game and I will give you the following steps. Regards.
  7. I am sorry my bad english but I said "YOUR god" Hotness , and that make a difference ... Now you look stupid ... as usual ... that's why you didn't post with your main account ... or maybe because you had been ban from the forum again ? AH AH AH ... Bye.
  8. Some people in here seems to be so in love with me that they see me everywhere ... Thanks for that one it make me laugh a lot !! God is everywhere and in everyone ! I am happy to be your god Hotness ! ah ah ! do you have some posters and maybe some tatoos with my name on your body ? ah ah !! Wait ... but if i'm everywhere it means I am in you too ? oh ... no no no uggghhhh ... I don't want ... been god is not a job for me !! Please found you another god and live your life without thinking of me day and night. Thanks Ps: No need to post in the forum with a fake name ... I know who you are. To answer about the room stolen problems I can understand that people get hurt when their rooms get stolen but as gizmo said that the room maked are actually shared, Then you got 3 way of doing : 1 stole the room of the guy that stoled your's because someone else stoled his room and have a never ending fight 2 communicate and take arrangement 3 don't build and stay away. I choosed the 3rd choice, please respect it and keep me away from that ! Thanks !
  9. Hello all I am sorry for the misstake in the tittle and for the late time to annonce it, I was waiting a answer to post it in the forum. Let's enjoy Halloween together.
  10. Proudly Present you the HALLOWEEN PARTY Best 3dx Dj's Many Music Style Start 8Pm Gmt Vidéo Trailer : https://youtu.be/HwfQYus7RSM Want to be Partner ? Dj ? MAKE THAT PARTY FOR ALL AND TOGETHER !! OPEN SPOT FOR DJ'S LEGIT Contact us or Join discord 3dx PRP : Discord ARE YOU READY TO BURN THE FRESCO ? PARTNERS :
  11. I really appreciate your post Jessica and Making errors is a part of what make the human kind beautifull. I do myself appologize for what I have done, intentionaly or not that could had hurt you deep without any intentions. Please let's moove on and look to the future forgeting the past and the misstakes. I sincerely wish that the errors from the past help to create a better futur for the game and the community. Hand to Hand we have all win to win. Communication is the key.
  12. lussian

    World Editor

    Great news !! Building room is a great part of 3dx and many amazing builders will can show their talents ! People will be happy with this feature Thanks !
  13. Salut Makkye, C'est simple tu dois juste brancher sur la sortie RCA de ta table de mixage un cable adaptateur Rca vers mini-jack. Le mini jack tu le mets dans ton entrée son ( micro ) sur le pc et ensuite tu utilise VDJ par exemple pour broadcast ou Winamp ( je suis pas fan de Winamp ) donc recap : Tu branches tes vinyls en phono sur ta table de mix, tu balance la sortie RCA de ta table de mix vers ton entrée son de pc et tu utilise VDJ ou autre pour broadcaster. Tu a plus qu'a trouver le cable ça vaut vraiment pas grand chose mais prends de la qualité sinon tu risque d'avoir des Noises. Si tu as besoin d'autres infos hésite pas a me PM in-game.
  14. I Just share the message from the server host. And the admin panel is still bugged. Thanks for your help Achilles, was nice from you to help. I hope that we could speak soon when you're back from holiday's.
  15. There is actually some issues with the stream music servers due to a updating Some people may have issues with music Please accept my appologies for thoses troubles. Kinds regards.
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