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  1. It did work for me... took a bit of playing around. In bitdefender you have to add 3dx to the Firewall and Online threat prevention exception list. otherwise your file might be too big. Luck!
  2. Thank you Gizmo, It is Bit defender I am using am maybe the recent upgrade is what caused this. Before August I never had an issue with BD blocking anything. I did add it to the Firewall list but it still seems to be preventing uploads Will have to fiddle with it more unless it is something else. Thank you
  3. Greetings, Ever since I rejoined a few weeks ago the uploading option for pictures has not functioned. I tried my other character and same issue. The files are either .jpg or .png and are between 50KB to 500KB Why can I not upload pictures now? Please advise
  4. Good day, Have been putting up with the lack of moans for a long time. have restarted, re-installed, played with settings and volume. Best I get is if I zoom in real close I hear the moans faintly on max setting. Today I also lost the music audio. Will attempt re-install tonight and restarting PC but likely problem will persist. What is the solution? Really missing the audio! Running windows 7 fully updated.
  5. Question though.. how does one login as Admin? I created the folder. Log into the game as my usual self... but any pic I take doesn't go anywhere...??? I am probably missing a step somewhere. Please assist
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