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  1. Happy Birthday to you all, 3DX staff, members!!
  2. Server is out of order due a DDoS attack... You've got to be patient. They keep fixing issues
  3. That sounds really, really, really arousing!! They could make the player control his or her level of arousal... on selecting the level with a button (low, medium and high). Just an idea...
  4. Master Yoda is the only one abled to answer your question...
  5. This is the reflection of customer's ruined patience only, the reason why it's rigged with negative answers. To be honnest, I'm still waiting for a miracle.
  6. WELL... WELL... WELL... I will probably seem to be rude, but with those issues, I feel like a penis playing with a vagina : I'M IN! I'M OUT! ... I'M IN! I'M OUT! Meanwhile, I keep smiling with the hope, this will be fixed quickly!
  7. Agreed! But let's have a positive mind... each problem has its own solution
  8. The average... unfortunately
  9. Connection lost four times, in less than one hour.... I finally gave up!!
  10. The more we are, the best it is!!! IMO
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