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  1. Sorry for my bad English... Thank you to the entire Virtual Sugar team and especially Kemistry for this beautiful pre-Christmas evening ... Super show of the Flaunt dancers ... Great DJ's for the pleasure of all of us ... Thank you Hinch for giving us a wonderful Christmas room, the most beautiful and incredible I have seen until today ... Merry Christmas and a happy New Year's Eve to everyone! Happiness to all :)
  2. Thank you, what I say from the first! 👌
  3. Maybe they have more important things than spending their time sorting out the serious, the not very constructive criticisms and the nonsense on the forum that we sometimes read?😁
  4. Yep, Seb... Tu t'adoucis dis donc !
  5. Je ne voulais pas te spoiler, hein...Je te laisse croire jusqu'à la fin du film va! 😛 Ah? Rassures toi moi non plus mais finalement je crois que c'est mieux! Yes, ça fait longtemps en plus qu'on s'est pas frités... Avoues que ça te manques un peu 😅
  6. Après autant de temps, tu attends encore ? 😅
  7. t'as prévu de partager, j'espère ? 😁
  8. Thank you for this precise diagnosis...😊
  9. Translated from French to English on google translation ... Sorry, it's not perfect! Since yesterday, I read the forum and I am sad and angry. Ok, we are on a game and we pay a subscription for it ... It's annoying and sometimes annoying not being able to play it as we would all like to be able to do. The repeated disconnections and the days without play are not pleasant and I was like everyone angry sometimes. But, we are talking about a game and not an essential tool for our life or our work, is it necessary to be as critical and mean in the words towards @Gizmo and @Lisa.
  10. Sad ! You are not participating... Your creations are great! 👌
  11. Good Luck Gizmo and 3DX Dev team. 😓
  12. 1000 % agree with you, Torax !!!
  13. when I play the game on my pc sometimes off 2 or 3 times or even ten times. I do not have this problem on other games, only 3DX ... It're very inconvenient !!!
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