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  1. Thanks to everyone who was there last night and to the DJsets from Chilles, JessicaX and MissyB. Liberty Island will stay open for a while so that you can discover it, discuss and propose me your ideas to make it more and more attractive!
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, We are about to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Please fasten your seat belts and fold your seat. The temperature on the ground is 4 degrees Celsius. We hope you had a comfortable flight with us and wish you a pleasant stay in New York City. For those travelling to Liberty Island you will find all the information on the following poster: See you after
  3. The Statue of Liberty is located in the harbor of New York City, USA. To be a little more exact, it is on an island, formerly called Bedloe's island and now called Liberty island, 2Kms and a half south of Manhattan. The bay of New York is well protected from bad weather. The waters are calm, which explains why we could use such a low island to build first a military fort, then the base of the statue. The island is only 2 meters high. It is relatively rare that visiting boats cannot dock because of bad weather. As for the facilities themselves, they are almost safe, the gales are not stron
  4. The idea of creating Liberty Island came to me while I was building Midtown New York. After much research, I found the plans for the statue and immediately began to build the head of the statue and the hand holding the torch. I noticed that the rendering was not so bad so I continued to build it from top to bottom and then created the pedestal. Seeing that the statue looked good, I continued to build the island with these buildings. The room then became more and more real and identical to the real version. It took me about 2 months to build it and you will be able to discover it this Sat
  5. A bit of history... Originally, the island served as a base for oyster fishing for more than 3 centuries and withstood high tides. When the settlers arrived, they called it "Oyster Island". The island then passed into the hands of several individuals becoming Bedloe's Island, aka Love Island, before being requisitioned by the State of New York to create a quarantine zone against the smallpox and after becoming a defensive fort for the army (Fort Wood) around the 1800s. By the time it was chosen for the Statue of Liberty in the 1880s, the fort was outmoded and obsolete, disused and its su
  6. Do you know Liberty Island? With some friends we are going to wait for the departure of the last shuttle to prepare a small evening far from the tourists 🙃
  7. Thank you all for participating. Due to the success of the hunt others will be scheduled soon!
  8. Only two hours left to registrer https://www.3dxhinch.site/events/gift-hunt To win one of 3 part of Paradise Creek Good luck to the hunters
  9. After a few requests, I open the participations via discord or in private message by the forum. Discord >>> "Hinch#9766" More information here! https://www.3dxhinch.site/events/gift-hunt
  10. Gifts are ready to be hidden in the room! If you wish to participate in the hunt, please send an email to hincholas@gmail.com. For more information >>> https://www.3dxhinch.site/events/gift-hunt
  11. Today we are celebrating St. Nicholas' Day, what better way to announce that organizing a gift hunt on the island of Havasu. The principle will not change from the old hunts I was able to do at that time. The first 3 people who found all the gifts will be offered the big prizes. But everyone will get a small gift ;) For more information follow the link >>> https://www.3dxhinch.site/events/gift-hunt Aujourd'hui nous célébrons la Saint-Nicolas, quoi de mieux pour vous annoncer que je vais organiser une chasse aux cadeaux sur l'ile de Havasu. Le principe ne cha
  12. Hincholas

    Build 428

    @Alivia2 @Alliehotass ✅ The radio continues to play when the owner of the world is offline (Requires testing by User World owners) From a baby asshat noob radio 😘
  13. The people who come into my rooms have no sound, even though everything was working fine before the game server change. In order for people to have sound in my room again, I have to restart the stream via the radio object. Otherwise all the people who come into my room don't have sound... Answer to @Lisa for my problem 30 days after explaining this? "I have no news on the radio. As far as I know, we are not dealing with this problem at the moment, sorry" apparently this is a minor problem and I am one of the only ones with these concerns. So 3dx is not gonna do anything for me...
  14. @ Gizmo Personally, I'm not going back to 3dx until you do something about the radio problems...
  15. New people who come into my room don't get music. I have to reload the stream...
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