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  1. For the users yes, maybe not for Gizmo and Lisa... Unfortunately we don't have another possibility at the moment...
  2. What Meiling says is correct. You need to create several groups that your PC can easily manage. I would also say to be precise that you need to add an object that has identical coordinates in each of the groups like a cube. My process: 1 create groups so that your PC can easily manage the rotation. 2 Create an object "X" (cube) approximately in the center of your world which will be used to recall each of your groups. 3 Copy the object "X" and add it to all the created groups. 4 Rotate each of the groups to the desired angle (Settings > Snap Angle) and use the Snap function (ctrl + rotation gizmo "E") by holding down the left mouse button on the green axis of the gizmo in global and center mode. 5 Reposition each of the groups by using the function "Ctrl + B" pressed and select an angle of the X object to overlay them on each other. 6 Once all groups are recalled delete all objects "X". If your world is too complex, it is best to save your blocks in separate files when they have been created and still selected like in this video.
  3. Only a few hours left before the kick-off of the first match of the Euro! If you haven't registered yet, follow this link. You can still register after the first match but you will have already lost some victory points. Direct link : https://tipper.io/en/havasu-falls-enubsakx?join=2u2cpua5ux0oe5kn NOTE: you must enter with your main 3DX nickname. Alt's can't win ! You are not a football fan and you don't know anything about football? No problem. You can always follow the odds of the matches on the betting sites. If the rating is high the team has less chance to win or draw. This will give you some indication. Example: Turkey VS Italy: the odds are 7.25 / 4.00 / 1.50 Italy is the favourite for this match. https://sports.bwin.com/en/sports/football-4/betting/europe-7/euro-2020-0:1 Good luck!
  4. How to play? Tipper is a super easy-to-use football scoreline prediction platform which was designed to replace the traditional Excel based and alike - result guessing games. Play it with your friends, with your colleagues or within an open group, Tipper provides a 21st century solution! How to join? Got invited? 1. Register / Sign in 2. After signing in you can instantly begin pitching your predictions The groups which you have been invited to will be automatically added to your profile Have you received a link? Join using the provided URL with your Facebook account or Disqus account or your email address Have you received a code? Sign in with your Facebook account and become member of the group immediately Wanna just play? 1. Register / Sign in using your Facebook account or Disqus account or your email address 2. Ask your friends to invite you or join an open group You can ask your friends organizing a game to invite you to join in, or you can choose to become a member of any open group! 3. Are you a group member? Pitch your predictions! You can be a member of multiple groups and pitch your predictions (different scorelines in each group, if you wish) How to pitch your predictions? It has never been this easy to pitch your predictions. After signing into your group, you can pitch your prediction regarding the given match even a minute before the kick-off. On the group's page you can see the matches listed by game day and kick-off time; this way you are up-to-date which games have to be predicted next. To pitch your prediction, simply fill in the home and away teams' result input fields, and the system saves your prediction (you will receive a confirmation in the match's header) The pitched predictions - according to the traditions - concern only the matches' regular game time (90 minutes plus stoppage time). The two times 15 minutes extra time and penalty shootouts are excluded. The competition After each match the system automatically refreshes the results, and the scoring tables of every group get updated displaying the current standing. Following the kick-off of each match, all predictions (regarding the given match) become visible for all members as well as the points received according to the rules to score. Rules to score The system awards points to group members according to the set rules to score. The system considers the following factors to calculate the users score: Exact scoreline (10p) Goal difference (6p) Outcome - winning team / draw (4p) Goals scored by one of the teams (3p) Correctly predicting the total number of goals scored by the teams combined (2p) Reverse goal difference - does not count in case of a draw (1p) The set rules to score determine the amount of points each member receive after each match. In each group, the administrator has the permission to customize the rules to score. To check the scoring rules for your group see the Description menu in the group. Depending on the set rules to score, it is possible that you receive 0 points for certain factors mentioned above (for example the given group's rules to score could award 0 points for 'Reverse scoreline' or you could set the groups scoring rules in a way that only Outcome scores points, etc.). The group administrators can also set, whether the points scored after a given match should be accumulated or not: According to the default rules to score (Accumulate scoring factors: No) the members of the group - according to the set rules to score - will be awarded with the score of the single highest correctly predicted scoring factor. For example, in the case of predicting the exact scoreline correctly, the points received will be equal with the points set in the scoring rules for 'Exact scoreline' (if Exact scoreline is set to be the highest scoring factor). In the case of opposite setting (Accumulate scoring factors: Yes), the subscores for all correctly pitched scoring factors will be added up. For example, in case of predicting the exact scoreline correctly, the system adds up all the subscores of the above mentioned scoring factors except the 'Reverse scoreline' points (see detailed explanation below). Also, the rules to score can be set to award double points for matches in the play-off rounds (following the group stage). How do you gain points? Below you can find examples on how the points are awarded when the default set rules to score are in effect (the members of the group - according to the set rules to score - will be awarded with the score of the single highest correctly).. After the final whistle of each match, the predictions pitched are displayed in the upper row, and the actual result of the match should be highlighted below. ---------------------------- Your prediction : 2-1 Final score : Germany 2-1 France You predicted the exact scoreline correctly 'Exact scoreline' = 10p ---------------------------- Your prediction : 0-0 Final score : Germany 2-1 France The pitched prediction matched none of the scoring factors = 0p ---------------------------- Your prediction : 4-2 Final score : Germany 2-1 France Outcome = 4p: You predicted the winner of the match correctly ---------------------------- Your prediction : 1-2 Final score : Germany 4-3 France Reverse goal difference = 1p: You predicted the exact scoreline to be 4-3, meaning a -1 goal difference from France's point of view. The result of the match was 1-2, which is a +1 goal difference from France's point of view, so you are awarded 1 point for Reverse goal difference' (you did not predict right the number of goals scored by either team nor the goals total). ---------------------------- Your prediction : 1-1 Final score : Germany 2-2 France Correctly predicted draw (but the exact scoreline is incorrect): 'Goal difference' = 6p ---------------------------- Your prediction : 0-1 Final score : Germany 1-2 France Goal difference: You predicted the exact scoreline to be 1-2, the match ended 0-1. You correctly predicted the goal difference. 'Goal difference' = 6p https://tipper.io/en/how-it-works
  5. Hello ! With the arrival of the Euro 2021, I created a small zone at Havasu so that you can meet and discuss a little on the match which will make vibrate Europe. But that's not all. As I like to offer interaction in my rooms, you will be able to make predictions about the results of the games and maybe win a game key! Whether you are a soccer fan, a curious person or simply a punter, everyone is welcome. All you have to do is follow the information below and register on tipper.io to become part of the Havasu Falls betting community. Register on Tipper with your main nickname !!! Only the main nicknames on your account will be allowed to win !!! 1st - 12 month game key 2nd - 6 Months game Key 3rd - 3 Months game Key Event website Havasu Tipper.io Havasu Discord Good luck !
  6. As it is very hot on the island and I am sensitive to the well-being of my visitors, the technicians work at night so as not to disturb the guests. The infrastructure is finished and this afternoon they will finish installing the supplies for your greater comfort. See you tonight at 20:00 CET to serve you a Mojito
  7. After all the smiles we saw during the first Salsa Noche, DJbom, Cendresdelune and I are proud to announce the second evening of the same name. The work started again early this morning in Havasu to be able to host this event. After the debriefing of the party, I met the engineers of the structure to modify it a little. Yes we could see that everything was not perfect during the first party and that it was necessary to make some small modifications to better accommodate our guests. The appointment is taken for this Friday evening 8 pm, the first Mojito is offered more information here: https://www.3dxhinch.site/events/salsa-noche-2
  8. I don't post often on the forum. But I must admit I had a good laugh this afternoon seeing the Lovense avatar coming in all the user rooms to make hidden advertising It's well done from 3DX at least it makes the buzz and who would not click on an avatar called Lovense? Have fun in this roof top which seems to be very well built!
  9. It was there this platform, settled in the middle of the bay of Sayulita, where L'heure bleue diffuses its atmosphere at the very moment when the sun disappears under the horizon and when the sky is painted of the velvet of the night. Under a light breeze warming the bodies, the Mojitos and the Cuban music our hearts, we let ourselves be bewitched by the sounds of the salsa and the islands... Thank you all for your presence and your good mood. It was a real pleasure to watch all those smiles on your faces. Thank you also to the Moons for daring to leave their comfort zone and offer the elegance and beauty of their movements and to you DJbom for having regaled us with your knowledge of these Latin American sounds mixed with the natural atmosphere of the islands. The rum has never flowed so much in Havasu I wish you all a wonderful weekend
  10. Finally the local team managed to finish in time... It only remains to relax and enjoy the view
  11. Here we are. The preparations end in havasu and we wait impatiently for the sunset to finally enjoy the rhytmic sounds of Salsa music and Caribbean sweets. I'm happy to see that the preparation of the evening went very well and that the sun is there. The mojitos are waiting for you
  12. The guys worked well during the night, I woke up for the construction meeting and I met the technicians who were still drinking beers. They explained to me that the boat had arrived late because it had to go through a big storm and that they had just unloaded the material. They were a little late but as the carpentry team worked well I am confident that everything will be finished in time for the next night. I looked at the weather forecast and so far the sun is on every map I post you a picture taken with my drone this morning
  13. Hello and welcome to the topic of this special evening 23.04.2021 Salsa Noche @ Havasu Falls Some time ago, a friend of mine came to me with the idea of creating a somewhat didactic party on 3dx. His idea was to be able to reproduce a salsa party with dance initiations, as we could find it in real life. But is it possible to do it on an island in the South Pacific Ocean? Maybe not every day... So I gave him carte blanche to organize this event and in collaboration with CendresDeLune and myself we worked to make this unique evening possible. Maybe the people who went to Havasu could notice that the first works to welcome the party have started. Everything is going very well and the weather seems to be fine. (do not enter construction site !) It only remains to welcome you this Friday from 20H00 CET to come and drink the apperitif. (the first mojito will be offered to you) Program - Salsa initiations with Moon dancers every hour - Salsa music and Caribbean sweets ( to slow dance a little too ) More information : https://www.3dxhinch.site/events/salsa-noche
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