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  1. You can convert the construction tool so that 1 .: You can build with a group. 2. You can test furniture in the construction tool. 3. You can change the orientation of the textures (15 degree steps). The engine used gives movable or rotating building blocks, functions at wash basins or the like, sound fields to introduce suitable background noises (waves, wind, animals) that can bots move and use in user rooms (in a definate area with functions (dance, talk, move etc.)). The only problem. You need someone who can program. As long as things are not even implemented in the fixed 3dx rooms, e.g. B. usable sinks, moving spotlights, turning bottles, beach volleyball, flying birds, the game is still dilletantic incomplete. Couple dances like waltz, tango, disco-fox are also easily possible with the engine. Nice and helpful would also be 1. a national flag where the user comes from, used by the system and not by the lying user. the possibility to copy foreign profiles for the translator and a display in the friend list in which room you are currently. also afk, please do not disturb, or am building would be easy to insert as a clickable option. There were many users who understood the engine and built tools for it, but they have been distributed since then due to the operator's lack of interest. So there is still a lot to do. Hooray We have the same problem, I have no one who speaks English and you have no one who can program enough.
  2. I am only in the forum because all your loneliness always amuses me. open the door, go out bravely ... there is more going on than in 3dx, but instead in the forum to whine .. you all are somehow reliable and I'm now going out into the "fresh air" byebye... ..for Corona we have Desinfection and Bleach for Bloodstream and UV-Light. Donald safes us 🤮
  3. why do you become aggressive if you have to jerk off once in a lifetime without a manual?
  4. Thats no DDos Attack, thats a original : Gizmo tries to program, we know this from last Year...
  5. He works for weeks on things like a tattoo system, half of the users are expelled and the others have half an hour for new things until they have disfigured their body and it gets boring. The game shows everywhere what would be possible if someone worked on it and understood it. For example: jumping into the water, volleyball, flying birds, working sink, moving headlights, integrated nature sounds like jungle, sea, etc. I do not mention the poor offer of poses. Currently only 150 to 200 users are in the open rooms, there are only 50 soon. I'm not worried, there are other chats that would like to take the position of 3dx. You're right, Nikki, we're not paying for updates, we're paying for an unfinished game that does not even require early access. It is a rented house where you have forgotten the walls and the ceiling. Not without reason is 3dx a game that you can not test, but pay from the first moment. nobody would stay if he could see the shortage beforehand. You should not treat this game as a stand-alone game. The market is big, there are many games of this kind. So if you want to compare, compare what others offer for the same amount of money.
  6. 3 Weeks nothing, the 3 weeks in October was ok, each week a little update, but now nothing. 3DChat is an international Chat, 200 Users in the open Chatrooms from a international Chat are not really a success story! 3dx offers nothing that no other chats have 100 times better, there are hardly any clothes, few textures, a few poses that do not even fit together because someone thinks when you turn the excerpts of old posene something nobody notices that it is nothing new. The almost empty chat is obviously not a reason to make some speed and for the users really have something to offer, on the contrary. The new 64-bit version is more buggy than the previously available dll files. News is promised, but when does something appear? For me it is clear, as soon as my annual subscription expires i finish it. and I hear the same every day from others. If nothing really come new things, I guess that 3DX will soon close the gates. Dear Gizzmo, do not just talk, handle! Finally, offer users what they pay for, you want to live on it. But more is needed than irregularly a few single poses or a few new socks. Other chats offer thousands of dresses and poses, or at least a pose editor and the possibility to bring your own clothes into the game. What I see in this game is one and only lack of imagination of the provider. Please do not answer here, take the time to offer something to the users. best Regards Rainer PS.: I don't speak english, thats alone Google Crime!
  7. I have some wishes that would greatly improve the editor, which would affect the possibilities and save resources. First, the prism would be so many shapes are not realizable, a right triangle shape would allow many currently not displayable forms to use. In addition, I miss forms such as truncated cone, truncated pyramid, triangular truncated pyramid. Which at present can only be very complicated in the production. A simple check box that defines collision and not collision for each building block would open up many new possibilities in terms of doors and visual appearance. and should be relatively easy to integrate. A simple Textures should either be rotated 90 degrees, or made available as a second texture with 90 degrees rotation. Since the builders always build finer structures here, this should also be taken into account in the textures. either make them zoomable, or provide finer textures The following points will be about my personal impression: Since the new 64 bit Update has unfortunately changed a lot in the lighting, the overall impression is much darker at the same setting, the shadows are overly emphasized, which looked better before. In addition, with each step, the overall picture flickers through exaggerated reflections. 3Dx Chat can become number one, but much more needs to be done with textures, styles, clothing, and poses, with a higher frequency, and above all, more imagination. The boundaries between top and bottom are tight and if nothing else happens, 3Dx will fail
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