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  1. No one can really control what another person does or thinks. I am pretty sure everyone would enjoy the game more if they just played it how they wanted to, and that seems to be the direction people have taken over the last couple of years. Also, back when Pandora was around it showed the top 10 players based on number of gift. I think 3-4 of them were female avi's that said in their profile they were male operated. I don't think who is behind the avi is what people look for first. Most people are looking for people who are good at RP, and interesting to talk with, or people who are into music, and want to be part of events. I really think people are making a bigger thing about how much a lot of people care about this issue, because for whatever reason they are insecure. Its really not helping anyone, or the game's reputation though having it constantly brought up by people on the forum, the more it is the more the game moves in the opposite direction then those people want, because it dissuades people who care about it from joining the game when they see the forum. After a while I wonder what some people's motives are who are fixated on this whole thing, bringing it up constantly doesn't prove anything to anyone. But whatever, its not an issue that affects me personally, although it would be nice though if people could at least be nice to each other.
  2. I am pretty sure what he is trying to say is that women are inherently flawed, less trust worthy, and naughty creatures and we should be "helped" and held to a different standard of "verification" then men. Here is the thing I don't feel any obligation to prove who I am to most people here, and if I do that is something I am perfectly capable of doing on my own. It really doesn't bother me much what people think about me. I do object though to the idea that women need to be held to a different standard then men its not going to get more women to join if they are told that men get to treat this as a sex fantasy while they have to be "real" about it.
  3. Swimsuits would be really nice and guys clearly need something as well for swimming.
  4. I think there are a few things keeping 3DX from replacing those other games. First of all most of them are social games that have sex. 3DX is really the other way around. Take second life or even IMVU 3DX is just not at that level of customization and things to do right now. 3DX just isn't really a competitor for them. The subscription and no demo is likely the biggest reason though. Its kind of a bit much to ask $20 for a month's of play for what really is kind of an unknow to a lot of people. All of its competitors are free to play so that doesn't help either. I have looked a bit and one of the questions I have heard come up about 3DX is asking if its a scam. I am sure the forum doesn't exactly help either when people come and see some of the threads. Really though there are plenty of people here its a quite adequately sized community and I like that its not huge.
  5. But no one would pay as much attention if it was in its own thread, so clearly it must be here where more people can see the outrage. πŸ˜‹
  6. Pubs are not public places they are private property, but beyond that they still have to provide service to everyone its not legal to not serve black people for example. The government makes the rules about how they can operate. 3DX does have rules about what people can do in their rooms that are open to the public not everything goes, but most things people want to boot others over aren't going to be against the games rules itself. I think that if host wants to make part of the game itself against the rules of the room well that should be hard coded into the game as an option that can be selected or not allowed at all otherwise its just going to make a lot of drama.
  7. I think if the devs want there to be rooms where sex or colds are not allowed they should just make it possible for the host to disable sex poses, and partnering, but I don't think that its a good idea for room host to be allowed to enforce whatever arbitrary rules they have come up with on the general public. If a room has been opened to the public that means it has become a public place, and people should be only held to the conduct that is acceptable in public places in 3DX.
  8. I don't think that this is as big an issue as some people want to make it out to be. 3DX Chat should boot someone who you put them on ignore from your room, but that is all that is needed. I personally don't think that people who open rooms to the public should be allowed to set rules for them. What I mean by that is that people who are being actually hostile in chat should be kicked from the room if the host puts them on ignore, but I don't think that host should be allowed to abuse it to boot people who are just having sex, and not bothering anyone. I kind of feel the same about colds those are simple to just close, or let time out most of the time, persistent ones can be annoying, but there is always ignore. Its not really the huge issue that some people think it is.
  9. Adding an option to change the default to a strap on, or seperating the poses is something that would be really simple to do I hope they consider it. It doesnt really bother me to much personally what a pose looks like if something is missing I think people can just use another pose that is the closet one, and RP like its something else. For example using the strap on poses, and pretending it is a dildo it really is kind of close enough.
  10. Just for the record Pandora went away because the dev's made it go away, and that was a good thing, its been gone for almost a year though, so people really should move on. Making alts visible, or whatever isn't the same as bringing back Pandora. If that's what people want then they should just say it, and not ask for the dev's to let Pandora work again. I am fairly sure Pandora's business model was mostly about black mail, and their primary target was the dev's themselves, as well as players, but mostly the dev's. They were consistently looking for someone to buy them out, and who other then the dev's would have an interest in paying to make Pandora go away? I am glad the dev's didn't go that way, and spent the time to redo the server instead even if it took them longer.
  11. Well from reading the thread about it. It seems that they are having denial of service attacks, but they have moved to better servers, and there are a bunch of them up it sounds like a lot of things don't work though like the world editor, and gifts. Its kind of confusing who is behind it. 3DX chat is small enough that people really should support the devs by paying for it I think.
  12. My take on this is slightly different, but I agree that 3DX could be responsible for paying royalties if they are setting the stream themselves. Which they clearly are for the stations on the radio, the changing room, world editor, and in public places, since they have one of their associates setting the streams, and they should know if its an infringing stream or not. I don't think that 3DX having a place to rebroadcast a stream really counts as them controlling it though. For one thing people can listen to that stream without 3DX if they know the URL, so its not 3DX broadcasting it in the first place, and for another it is possible the stream is not infringing content 3DX doesn't know it is, and its against the game rules to broadcast infringing content. I think its just like youtube, or something like that. The person responsible is the person who is knowingly infringing. Sometimes ignorance is an excuse if a user is breaking the rules. "2.22. The use of copyrighted, trademarked, patented, classified, or restricted material or information and the violation of any rights of any party, including rights of privacy or publicity is prohibited."
  13. It seems to me that music which is played in public places can be considered part of the game itself, since its not something anyone other then the devs can set or change, so the devs have responsibility for what is played in those places. The devs are taking on more risk and responsibility having it that way, since it means that can 3DX isn't simply a hosting service. I would think from the devs point of view the best thing would be to make it, so there isn't an argument that 3DX is not just a hosting service for music, and make sure that is the case in all the places in the game. The current setup seems to me a hold over from when there were mods in the game.
  14. As long as the devs control who can DJ in public rooms, and then they delegate that responsibility; I can see why they might not want to take extra risk with letting people DJ in public places. It seems kind of pointless to me though even making it a possibility if it is something that is not going to be open to everyone. I think the community simply moved in a different direction, and DJing in public places is kind of a pointless thing right now, since most DJ's won't have the licences to play, and that is not where most people are at anyways.
  15. It does seem to uhm jiggle way to much, and unnaturally especially the thighs. The body just doesn't move like that, but it might look better when walking, since the game doesn't really have those types of spinning movements which are in the changing room, so that might be part of it.
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