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  1. I just added a new version Naughty Designer 3.2.2. This is a small update which simplifies the interface. It enables the tab corresponding with the loaded file type and hides the other tab. For example if a raster image is loaded it will select the raster tab and disable the vector tab and vice versa so there is no way to access options that do not correspond with the loaded file type.
  2. If you get an error about 16bit color just resave the images as a 24bit .png or .jpeg. As for the vector image part that's kind of artistic converting an image from raster's to vectors but quite possible if you work at it.
  3. Personally I think ID verification on 3DX wont ever happen for a bunch of reasons but mostly because the devs have said in the past they wont segregate the female gender, but also because of technical/social reasons. If they had wanted to they could have made a third gender for trans people or forced alts to all be the same gender in an account but right now an account is really not tied to a gender. Even for alts people can literally pay to change their alts gender. There are ID data bases that exist for at least I assume western countries where company's maintain data bases or are able to access ID's to verify they are real. I assume they aren't exactly cheap though to get access too mostly for jobs but maybe for other things as well. Who knows if people working in Russia would even be allowed to access them. 3DX would need to hirer people full time to run background checks and have a full time legal department at a minimum. Huge social media company's cant even seem to be able to determine if an account is human or a bot and I think 3DX would have less people who are rule abiding. As far as people trusting 3DX to keep that type of information safe well I don't think there is much reason to assume they would be able to. Protecting data has to have a whole culture and system supporting it which I doubt 3DX has right now. I cant ever see this being something 3DX will do for free ever. If they did manage to do it though I feel it would create an adverse burden on females to verify the talk is always about females, so by its nature the concept is sexist. The only reason people might be willing to verify would be if it benefited them. I have to assume that the people most interested in this would be prostitutes and 3DX would have to allow that to compensate for the price of a background check. That would take 3DX in a direction I don't like or want to see. Personally I like 3DX and that we can meet people from all different places and backgrounds and it would be a shame to replaces DJ's with cam girls honestly there are lots of other places for that then 3DX.
  4. Wait wasn't "ZzRedzZ" "Topsecreto" or something I guess that was to clearly a troll name to keep this thread going so it had to be changed.
  5. Well this feature kind of lets the devs pick out the people who are willing to pay extra for being special without effecting anyone's game really. Plus it was kind of a mess when everyone on the test server had colors and icons in their names. It might be for the best if that's kept just for special people.
  6. What would be really nice would be a few different types of hood, roofs, trunks, and doors we could combine to make our own cars. All those premade props never really quite seems to fit in 3DX. The same thing for boats we need boat part so we can make more custom stylized stuff some things are just impossible to make properly with the current objects we have.
  7. Well in the near term I want to make sure there aren't any major bugs left after that the progress bar and I have some ideas for other features I might add but I need to test those.
  8. Naughty Designer 3.2.1 is released it fixes the pixel art section of the program so things plot properly now I'll likely make a larger update later but I wanted to get the bugs fixed at least thing have been kind of busy this summer.
  9. It seems that the pixel art drawing system system is bugged right now. I'll fix it in the next update right now its not scaling images properly.
  10. I'll likely add a progress bar in the next update but if it crashes in this version it will tell you it wont just stop and do nothing.
  11. 3.2.0 is out and the file has been replaced in the first post. This version adds better support for open vectors a popup on file completion, error handling, and the GUI has been updated to allow minimum angle and minimum length to be adjusted individually for each path.
  12. I worked on the optimizer and the final output will be something like this a bit better since I am still tweaking it. Adding a popup for when the file has been fully written is a great idea. I'll add that in as well as some other changes.
  13. I managed to look at the code a bit and found a bug with open vectors and also have some ideas how to draw vectors which optimize to only one or two objects. The main goal for the next version is to draw that vector image properly without crashing or having to editing it.
  14. I looked at the file and what seems to be happening is that some of the vectors are to close to being straight lines and with the default settings having less then three objects so the optimizer crashes. Right now I am actually on vacation but next weekend I should have a chance to finish a small update with better error handling and simplified optimizers for when a vector only has one or two objects in it. I did try removing the straight vectors and the program runs with them gone so I am sure that's what it is. I wouldn't really recommend using the pixel options unless you want to make pixel art the vector output is much superior in terms of quality and object count. The file below runs. Rastergrafiktest.zip
  15. If you upload the .svg file your trying to use I can look at it.
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