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    My Family , guitar, music listening, singing , every water sports (and more specifically windsurf and bodysurf) , dancing , drawing , picture .............. LIFE

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  1. yes but users that exist for more than three years now , are now like new user in this new version. a friend of mine is struggling to be able to send more than one messages. she asked the support , that answer , you need three messages approved by moderator ... so it means three days ... and it's already three days past , and nothing happen ... so it's a little bit annoying .
  2. ohhhh i will try because i became insane trying to tune my firewall, my register in windows, playing with or without administrator launch ..... grrrrrrrr
  3. Hello I have three Avi .... the main one is me ... really me .. the me i don't dare to be ... in irl ... because .... boy's don't cry ... the second one was created during V1 .... it helps me to build my room easily ... the third one is a female one ... because i was fed up to be ignore .. because a hello is too short and a beautiful description is too ... too me ... and not acceptable ... so i want to know what makes you , misses, feel and react as godess ... use it once .... and feel so uncomfortable ... only a 5mn test .... I keep her ... she reminds me .... my friends knows all this .
  4. mmm it looks like the eastern one . it took one night (european time ) hope this will be fix earlier ... maybe a witch that cast a spell .... next time give her sweeties
  5. Here some remarks I have a lot of my friends that have no powerful computer, with the 2.0 version there will be an important number of people who can't be able to connect because graphic cards and processor won't be sufficient this is not great for players this is not good for 3DX business either ... If we can insure that lower quality level won't need more resources than today ... other bug is in chat window after 2 lines .... the third line is not visible only the two first one are other bug maybe link to what Achilles said ... is when i used camera .... non picture were taken ,
  6. Fun loving stripper ask the good question What is normal are you doing somethng that embarass ,agress or harass some body else ......... no ........ then it's your freedom do you think that " normal" is the perfect image media, and people want to give, or is it the objective nobody is able to reach . everybody as its weird aspect, THIS is normal , as long as you respect other people, as long as you are asking you such kinf of question ... then normality is on your side..
  7. xXshadowXx


    It's a chance you 're open minded enough to find this "fun" I understand that when we came on a game such as 3dx chat, sex is an important part of it. But such kind of discussion deserve mâle pixel... Often considered by female one as rude with no interest only interested in their Dick thought. I think that many of us are able to have a romantic chat or a valuable rp. Without having such an harassing behaviour... So as mâle pixel avatar all my apologize to you, for those Who act this way
  8. Hello great jobs on V2.0 one point i have when i discuss on the V2.0 , I can only see the first two lines i wrote the other are well written but no way to see what have been written , while doing enter the global discussion appear perfectly . Other suggestions is for room , when we open a room for a group everybody can have its own perception of day and night , there is no possibilities to push it for the whole group , if we want to dicuss under the star it's a pity that both don't have the same perception of days and night. Last point normally it said in the last update that day and nig
  9. For my own subscription, i ask my Banks that provide me an e card that generate à code that can be use only one time to pay a define fee. This is usable in many currency maybe can you check with your bank if they have such a service
  10. Totally agree with you Shanti Freedom of one stop where freedom of the other begin , respect is the first thing to take into account before writing any words .
  11. Hello there I will put my asking in an ocean of smart remarks , and good stuff to add. I noticed that some room have some specific properties , maybe some find a "bug" , that help them to do very cool room , where furniture intersect in each other, where position of the feature are not only X and Y but also Z, (the same for the rotation) . a room where lumincent cube can be put into the wall... . it would be cool to remove the current limitation to allow everybody to let its imagination create very interesting room. if we leave the IRL for here its to find things that we can do differently
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