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  1. ya was just about to say the same thing
  2. Server just went down for me. BOOOOOOO!!!!!
  3. BOO!!!!! more guys poses WTF!!!
  4. Server just went down. no post on the forum. nothing in the news. Come on. please announce this stuff.
  5. who watches world chat when I am in the middle of a session???? Need to be a server pop up like a gift. Also I relog this morning, so were was the News feed announcement that they will going down? EDIT: Also if they are putting it in world chat why wasn't there a forum topic already?
  6. Server just went down again. PLEASE communicate "BETTER" with your paying customers.
  7. Getting this now. middle of the freaking afternoon. Come, communication would be nice.
  8. Why isn't there a post about system maintenance so we aren't all upset with they take the server down. GOD devs need some common fing sense.
  9. we need these. with holes so it doesn't come off during sex play
  10. if Female penis is a lock on now.... why are we still limited to the FF cock poses. gives us the rest of the poses please.
  11. How about adding keys when in fly camera to turn the camera in a circle instead of having to right click to turn the camera???
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