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  1. Leopardus, THANK YOU! That worked! It's fixed! I wubs you bunches! hehe :))) Seriously, thank you. And to everyone else who also tried to help! *big huggles*
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. My internet has also been out since last night. UGH. Been a crap weekend. Gonna try these suggestions.
  3. So I got a new PC... and I was trying out different resolutions... and I put one on that made my screen HUGE... So huge I cant see all of my settings window to change it back... as far as I can see is FPS limit... the UI scale and resolution drop down boxes are off screen.. I've tried reinstalling... I deleted the game folder, i've tried alt + enter.... I've messed with my display settings on my desktop... nothing I do seems to be able to let me change my resolution back or get it so I can see ALL of my settings window... Please halp!! (Yes I know, I have to be a special kind of blonde to do this to myself.... )
  4. I swear.... every time I get a week off the game goes down. lol. Every. Single. Time! Oh well. Hope they get everything worked out. Maybe I'll get to log in one day before I go back to work! Stay safe everyone. *huggles* ❤️
  5. Every time I get a weeks vacation time the dang game crashes! lol. Oh well, hope they get it up and running soon. Stay safe out there everyone! *huggles* ❤️
  6. Down for me too as of 5 pm est. I keep getting reconnect boxes.
  7. I never knew this feature existed! TY so much! <3
  8. @Yvonny LOL Ok that slap video cracked me up, lol. <3
  9. Whatever the servers are down for, it must be pretty serious i'd imagine. As far as I can recall, this is the longest the game has been down in my close to 4 years being here. I hope it gets fixed soon. Oh well, gives me time to catch up on shows and games with my RL wife.
  10. I was all excited, thinking we finally had a country club. Nope. Still same ol' techno-whatever-stuff.... in a saloon... yeehaw? :/ ~NikkiAM
  11. Happen to anyone else just now or is it just me?! I can't get back on.
  12. The party will be held in The Dragons Lair! I probably should have included that in my original message! With a quick edit, no one will ever know it was missing! HA! Go me! Production quality and all that! ♥ NikkiAM ♥
  13. Ah, thank you for the reply, and the info! I was all kinds of skeered to click on anything when that popped up! Specially being I am on a work computer! ♥ NikkiAM ♥
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