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  1. Too late I already cancelled my monthly sub
  2. When I buy the Annual special do I cancel my monthly one?
  3. Maybe the hamster died lol I'm still puzzled at the load times i get considering I'm running the game on a fast SSD. I can run more graphically intense games without out any problems.
  4. Happy Anniversary you two....it's heart warming to see two people so in love and that you have lasted so long. I'm about to celebrate my 1 month wedding anniversary so I know how happy you must be. Congrats...xx
  5. Although I don't know you and never saw your behaviour, I applaud you for being adult enough to post this message. Well done Zedd
  6. Yeah. Then the game would get banned here in Australia.
  7. Drugs? Then people would be even quieter than they are now lol
  8. And me too. My ignore list gets longer everyday
  9. I love the music in Sin. I go there to escape the techno or whatever crap is playing in NC. The back rooms don't seem to be used very much, so why not knock out the walls and make it one big open area? As Alice said, a DJ booth would be great, but only rock music. And maybe extend the pole dancing stage.
  10. You rock Sammy!!! But I'm not in the pics *sad face*
  11. I have seen a lot of people with pictures etc on their profile pages Could someone please instruct me on how to do this? Thanks
  12. Poledra

    Say Hello!

    Hi Kamilla, welcome to our world. Feel free to PM me
  13. Oh no...not pics..some of us were topless or almost
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