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  1. Can't see how many gifts i have anymore, is my profile corrupted?

  2. Is this our new worldchat?
  3. In the attachment you can see that in version 2.0 you get a white border on the screen when the lighting is on clouded.
  4. My vote goes for sure to.......Macca!!!
  5. Roxanne


    A man has severe problems with premature ejaculation and decides to consult a doctor. He asks him an efficient solution for his problem. "Well," says the doctor, "try to scare yourself just before the moment of orgasm." The same day the man went to a gun shop and bought a flare gun. At home, he finds his woman naked in bed and they mmediately got in action. At the time of position 69, he feels he is coming and fires his flare gun... The next day he goes back to the doctor and asked on the man: "Well, how was it?" "Not good," replied the man, "when I fired the gun, my wife bite 6 inches from my young gentleman, fart on my face and the neighbour came out of the closet with his hands in the air. "
  6. Roxanne


    I love the way you lie, said the girlfriend of Pinokkio, while she was sitting on his face.
  7. Roxanne


    Hello people, Maybe not a joke but still very funny. Something to think about!! Have you ever thought about what happens when you would live backwards? Seems a lot more fun. To begin you stand up from the dead, a spectacular beginning.....when you get out of the coffin, you will be welcomed by your family and best friends, so you don't have to find them....and they all have flowers for you. Then for the the first 20 years you can do what you want to do, playing cards, gardening, occasionally a trip for half the price, every day a few drinks and every month you get money....retirement. One day, suddenly a guy is standing on the doorstep with a gold watch. He immediatly offers you a good paid job. As the years go by, you get more and more sense to work, you feel better and better, you can smoke as much as you want because the lungs are becoming cleaner. You can drink whatever you want, the hangovers are getting smaller. You get rid of your belly without having to do anything. In the beginning you have only 1 time sex a year, but as the time passes you have sex 10 time a week. At some point you have to go to school but you know everything, so you do not care. And the last years of your life you can enjoy playing in the sandbox, whining and annoying, and you can eat lots of sweets, because you lose your teeth yet again. Then a few months sucking on a woman's breast and after 9 months in the warm womb of your mother, you disappear into a blissful orgasm!
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