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  1. Pubic hair color can not be changed , unfortunately :/
  2. Das ist mir zu sportlich , hihi , geile Idee
  3. I can undersand that if there are no updates . I beleife , if there are some interesting news it would be better here. We can not waiting all the days. There are other games , who can entertain too. Hope someday it will be a good game like second life.
  4. Man Ica so kann ich dir nicht mal was schreiben :/ , sei nicht so gemein zu mir !
  5. Hey Gizmo, there are now after over three months news about a pose editor or about a new update ? Please all are waiting
  6. Thats so nice , thank you very much my dear ^^ you make a great Job here .
  7. Update where are you :/ I hope there is coming something like a pose editot or normal poses.
  8. Oh wow ther was my owen room in this Video It cant be new , but the rocks are good I think
  9. Thank you for all updates but oh my and no poses again ? Its a joke ???
  10. Thats would be great. Can we use toys or other things with the pose editor too ? please please please
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