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  1. In this case, the minimum thing to do is to post an annoucement on the forum, for the user... this is an elementary rule.
  2. Hi... from this morning, all profils i'm trying to see are "Deleted character", even my own profil. it's not a bug of the client... my friend have the same issue.
  3. Hi ! Same issue here... on USdirect or EUproxy
  4. Hi all... in my opinion, if this new version does not correct bugs and stabilize the game, i don't see the purpose. The current version is unstable and there is a lot of bugs : - Wearing clothes during sex or seeing other wearing cloth during sex - Clothes does not display when we are weraing it (other user see us nacked, without hears) - Can see see others user profiles. - Sometime the chat stop, and we can't type Does the new version correct all thoses bugs? Sarah.
  5. same here ! not again... not now... WTF !
  6. Same here... its not a great joke for April,1st... Mais He ho Vanessa !
  7. Some of my friend are able to connect and Me no. Why ?
  8. not sure about that. I'm new, my account is just 1 month old, and it doesn't work yet
  9. re-installed twice... no results.
  10. Hi. Something in my mind for somtime... We have a unused fourniture : the bench with a cross. It would be great to have some D/S poses on it... use your imagination. S.
  11. Hello, It would be great to have some 3some lesbian poses. There is no one in the game, a shame^^.
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