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  1. Mondays have seem to been the norm when server gets back to normal and the Devs respond
  2. My friend has been an active user since May of 2017, and never posts in the forums, only uses the messenger. On the old website, she would use the messenger as often as she liked without issue. However, I'll let her know to make 3 forum posts and hopefully that will lift her messenger limit as well. Thank you
  3. My friend and I use the messenger a lot. However since the new website, she's only restricted to only one messenger reply per 24 hours, which effectively makes using the messenger pretty inoperative. If that restriction could be lifted for her, that would be wonderful. Thanks
  4. While viewing my own profile on one of my characters, the number of gifts in parentheses is missing. I have all my gifts, just the total number of them being displayed isn't there. I can see the number of gifts other players profiles have, and I can see the number on my other character's own profile, just for one of my characters that number isn't there. Thank you
  5. 1: Slower camera movement in the world editor 2: Separate Volume control on Ambient Sound from Chat Chime. I would like to hear chat chimes and sex sounds over the wave and water noise on Love Island and Beach. 3: Wider range of sex speed control to zero or near zero speed on sex. 4: Save and Load outfits in the Character Editor. 5: An official supported version of 'Ghosting' invisible bot partner feature, so we could mix and match different poses together.
  6. The main reason I used Rochi's dll were for the following. I would like a much slower camera in the world editor. A more wider range of sex speed to near zero movement, would be awesome to have in the game. The ability to separately control the volume of ambient sounds from chat chime and sex sounds, would greatly improve my experience at both the Beach and Love Island. Having a way to save outfit selections, would also be really nice to have. I wasn't a big fan of 'ghosting' sex positions with an invisible partner, because it was so buggy. I wouldn't mind seeing an official supported version of 'ghosting', that didn't bug the game, so that we can combined various sex poses together.
  7. After about 7 tries I finally get in. I also notice that the login queue seems to be absent. Could it be associated with that? As in, we get successful login when we happen to hit the top of the queue when clicking the login button?
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