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  1. We've had plenty of sexy poses this year, but we still don't have a vaginal version for the Full Nelson pose. :c
  2. No worries lol And sorry for the late reply, I haven't been in the forums for months. I'd love to participate in any project you have in mind!
  3. My ears died at the beginning of the video lol but otherwise great video! I'm never there when someone records stuff, it's so sad.
  4. It is that time of the year again where I ask for a vaginal version of the full nelson pose. Pls give us this. Since we have the anal version, you literally only need to change the hole where the penis goes.
  5. I agree, sounds can really turn you off. They need a revamp, make them sound better and have a little more variety. Goes hand in hand with another thread from weeks ago, where I suggested an option to have different "voice" types, and that you could adjust the pitch and all that.
  6. They could allow us to choose our avi's voice, then edit the voice's pitch or something like that.
  7. +1 to this, plus: Make it so cumming on other body parts doesn't override the previous one. Additional cum textures in other parts of the body. Add a buttom to clean up so people won't have to rejoin rooms if they do not wished to be covered with it.
  8. I'd love some sort of body slider, but it would make poses look super off. It's already too much with clipping breasts, wings and tails. They could just expand some of the choices we already have in-game, like legs, arms, hips, etc. Breasts can already be huge clip everywhere, so I don't see why they wouldn't slighty adjust the limits of other body parts.
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