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  1. The pose selector desperately needs some work. On a 32inch monitor the icons are very small and its hard to tell which ones do which since there is no tool tip to see what it is. Also when it comes up to accept deny it should tell you if its vaginal or anal since a few of the poses look the same and its hard to figure out which one its going to be until you agree.
  2. So long story short, I can be a real nasty girl. I enjoy taking multiple loads to the face and my tits and move around the field especially in some of the quickie rooms. Sometimes the algorithm removes cum from my whole body depending on what part is getting the new cum and when you leave a room all the cum leaves with you so you lose all your hard work. It would be nice if it stayed on until you clicked remove kind of like clothing. I like parading around with cum on for those RP scenes since bukkake really isn't a think on here yet (hopefully soon?). I'm sure it also turns on some men if they came in and saw cum covered chicks waiting near the glory hole. Be nice if it counted how many loads you took too as like bragging rights so you wouldn't have to keep track manually. Could be a fun little mini game. Let me know your thoughts.
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