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  1. Plus size or BBW definitely, pregnant no.
  2. Milking/lactation would be really hot I think, but watersports is a bit too much. At least for me.
  3. Definitely having a wider variety of tight skirts would be a great thing! Especially if we get some tight turtlenecks and sexy sweaters to pair with them.
  4. I'm all for sexy plaid pleated skirts... just need a turtleneck sweater to go with them!
  5. I know there's tons of support for point number two, including my mine. But I really like the first point. I would love to be able to wear the trench coat over my business suit. That would be so sexy!
  6. I would like to see work out gear. Such as high waisted spandex pants, sports bras and thong leotards. It would also be cool to layer a thong over some spandex pants. I'd also love to have big bunchy scrunch hooters socks. Pretty much sexy 80s aerobic gear!!!
  7. I'm in agreement with all you said except for the preggo part. Considering this game is ultimately about sex, going that far would be too much in my opinion. But why only allow men to change their cock size, shouldn't shemales and FUTAs have that luxury as well?
  8. I'm all for it! As a lover of BBWs (no offense intended) and Voluptuous women, that would be great to have variety in body shapes, sizes, and heights.
  9. I would like to see more variety of clothes to wear. Considering my ultimate fetish is for turtleneck sweaters, I would love to see a variety of turtlenecks. Both cotton and ribbed. Turtlenecks that you can wear under a cable knit sweater. Chunky turtlenecks with big collars and even really big mohair and/or angora turtleneck sweaters. And perhaps some more lingerie like corsets and vintage bra, panty, garter belt sets. Thanks so much!
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