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  1. Nobody is jealous and I doubt anybody's bothered enough by this to actually hate anybody, it is simply an irritant for people trying to have a discussion with other people in the 3DX World and something that I had been led to believe shouldn't be happening. If people could just play by the rules nobody would have to report anybody Those that do spam are just trying to gain an unfair advantage on those who run rooms and play by the rules. That is disrespectful.
  2. The pic obviously doesnt show a prolonged period of time d'oh, it is only a small screenshot of the current chatlog. The same messages or closely resembling messages WERE repeated over time causing people to complain about it in World Chat, which is why I asked.
  3. I thought 'NOT' but today when I log on I see this so am wondering if the rules have been changed again
  4. Since this game has come back online I'd noticed my 'popularity' had nosedived, barely a single message from anybody anywhere for days on end... until somebody mentioned in Local Chat that they'd tried to PM me only to be told I'm 'OFFLINE!' (despite the fact my avi is there dancing next to them). A few other people joined the Local Chat to say (i) they couldn't PM me either, or (ii) the same had happened to them/friends. I'd also noticed hardly any replies to PM's I'd made (very occasionally one gets through) and although I've never been informed the person is 'OFFLINE' I'm still presuming this is because few of the PMs are actually getting through. So, is anybody else suffering similar? Or know of a fix? I have reported it as a bug. It's a bit pointless continuing with this chat game if people cannot chat with me or me with them
  5. Pompoms? Jump up and down a little bit?
  6. Do you have a cheerleading outfit to go with that?
  7. After the toxic display on World Chat this morning it can stay down far as I'm concerned
  8. I'm in a similar frame of mine.
  9. Yes GottaGo I did want your opinion on the question I asked, that's why my thread was worded as a question not a moan or a complaint. Didn't really want all the other gumph you spouted before and after, but it was nice to get it eventually lol.
  10. and here they are again under attack and we're locked out once more. Sure people want to complain and, as paying customers, they have a right to. But back to the actual question which you might like to give an opinion on too rather than just picking the convenient bits you can address...
  11. wow a good idea, are you sure you're in the right place?
  12. Eyyy I'm not up with all the business lingo - Half-cut firm? Shady business? Fly by night operators? Amateurs?
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