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    Professional, single, and from the UK. I like classical music, history, and European travel. I speak English, French and some Italian, and am always happy to chat. As for the sexy stuff, I enjoy random encounters, descriptive or dirty talk, moderate RP and FFM.

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  1. I was also having this problem, but this post set me on the right path. Open the Bitdefender control centre, go to protection and turn off Protection Shield. Upload your photo then reenable it. Cheers!
  2. Still no success despite following all the above suggestions as well as running in administrator mode and allowing 3dx through my firewall. Very frustrating as I deleted an older pic and cannot now replace it.
  3. I have tired saving to the desktop, but still cannot upload. I've also tried disabling my firewall without success.
  4. Same problem here. Have tried resizing, running in admin mode, nothing works.
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