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  1. @Gizmo - something I've been thinking about for a while: when making custom furniture, it's hard to get the poses to look just right. You have to leave the editor, enter your room normally, and use Betty or Bob to see how the poses look. Then what I do is take screenshots to show where the poses look wrong, go back to editor, and fix them accordingly. This is time-consuming and a little annoying. What if you added something like a previewer, where you could see how your poses will line up with your custom furniture, without leaving the editor? I feel like this would be incredibly convenient and probably wouldn't be very hard to make. It wouldn't have to preview the animation of every pose, just a still of each. Maybe it could be something you could toggle on and off. Just a thought.
  2. @Gizmo @Lisa I installed the version you provided and it works fine now. Thanks so much for the fix!
  3. Lol you said sharts.
  4. I don't think they can see you talking in Local or World. When you click on them, the little menu doesn't pop up, either. But some of them have been following me around and asking friends to get me to unblock them, even after saying no. I'd just rather not have to deal with them, lol.
  5. Makes them disappear in the room you do it in, but then they reappear whenever you cross paths with them again. I tried it yesterday.
  6. Hey @Gizmo, for the next update, could you guys fix the issue with blocked people still appearing? It's really annoying me that I can see all the people I blocked walking around. Thank you. :)
  7. I just don't understand WHY, though. Like how pathetic does someone's life have to be, to try to take down a virtual sex game?
  8. Good lord, another DDoS attack? This is gonna take awhile.
  9. Yes. This is one of the greatest moments not only in comedic history, but in all of human history in general
  10. First of all, I love that you referenced Captain Hindsight, South Park is my favorite. Second, you're absolutely right. You will come to find that people really like to complain and be jerks here, no matter what the devs do. And while it's true that they probably should've thought of taking preventative measures in anticipation of this type of scenario, they are a very very tiny dev team, so we have to try to just be patient with them.
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