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  1. Yeah I think I was clicking from room to room too quickly, without letting things load properly first, and it was getting mixed up xD I started going more slowly while hopping between rooms and it doesn't seem to happen anymore. Thank you for your input!
  2. Hey y'all, I keep getting this weird glitch where I enter a room, the radio plays, but then it doesn't stop when I leave the room. It keeps playing in every room I go to, simultaneously with the radio from each room. I tried toggling the enable radio button, doesn't fix it. I end up having to restart the game to set it back to normal, but the issue keeps happening. Has this happened to anyone else? Just not sure what the issue could be. Thanks in advance
  3. Yes, that's a great idea! I fully support that too
  4. Honestly, I would be all for the removal of World Chat too. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've had calm, civil, interesting/funny conversations in WC that haven't spiraled into hate-filled rants within a few minutes. I genuinely feel like the presence of World Chat diminishes the user's experience of the game. Local Chat is almost always chill and fun, but there are some people who just stay in WC and use it specifically to argue and talk shit, and it's just gross. I think especially for new players, it makes them think that everyone in the game is gonna be like that, and makes them reluctant to reach out and meet new people sometimes. Just get rid of it altogether. The dweebs that waste all their time arguing in it can open their own room and attack each other all they want, where none of us have to see it, lol.
  5. I and several others have requested this over the years too. I think it would be a great idea. Just like 3 or 4 voices for male and female, with the ability to change the pitch. I'm so used to the existing sounds that I don't pay much attention anymore, but it would definitely make each experience more unique and dynamic. I fully support this suggestion.
  6. Good ideas all around in this thread. I would like to be able to wear a t-shirt underneath my hoodie. I would also like SOCKS, lol. Wearing any kind of footwear without them starts feeling sweaty and yucky real quick, irl. Lol. It would also just look better if we could wear socks with our shoes. Thank you for your consideration
  7. This is just more drama and toxicity and immaturity waiting to happen, honestly. Immediately people will abuse the system and write horrible reviews just because someone didn't want to meet up with them, or have sex with them, etc. They will talk shit about people they are jealous of, they will lie and spread rumors that way. The majority of people in 3DX cannot and should not be trusted with something like that, lol. Best way to judge a person's character is to either talk to them, ask their friends, or look at their gifts.
  8. @Gizmo, I really think you should consider allowing users to preview poses from World Editor while they're building custom furniture. It's a hassle to have to save your room, leave World Editor, test out the poses, take screenshots to remind yourself how to move them to make the poses line up just right, go back to World Editor, fix them accordingly, and repeat the process. Even if the preview is just the outlines of avatars, something very basic, that would be so helpful. It just gets time-consuming to have to keep going back and forth. Just something to think about thank you in advance and hope you are doing well.
  9. The best thing you can do about World Chat is just ignore it. Go into your settings (the gear icon in the top right corner of the chat window) and turn off visual and audial notifications for World Chat. That way you're never even reminded that it's there. xD That's what I do. I only jump into World Chat if I'm morbidly curious to see them bickering like schoolkids on a playground, or to troll and confuse them out of boredom lol. I really don't know why they always insist on arguing and insulting each other in there. I guess a lot of people who are on 3DX are just very unhinged and don't have very good social skills. That doesn't at all excuse their behavior though. Especially when, as you say, they tell people to hurt or off themselves irl. I don't even bother using the Report function anymore because little to nothing is ever done about the toxic people saying that stuff. And even if their account is banned, they just make new ones (and many of them already have multiple accounts anyway). The more distance you keep from World Chat, the better your experience of the game will be.
  10. @Gizmo - something I've been thinking about for a while: when making custom furniture, it's hard to get the poses to look just right. You have to leave the editor, enter your room normally, and use Betty or Bob to see how the poses look. Then what I do is take screenshots to show where the poses look wrong, go back to editor, and fix them accordingly. This is time-consuming and a little annoying. What if you added something like a previewer, where you could see how your poses will line up with your custom furniture, without leaving the editor? I feel like this would be incredibly convenient and probably wouldn't be very hard to make. It wouldn't have to preview the animation of every pose, just a still of each. Maybe it could be something you could toggle on and off. Just a thought.
  11. @Gizmo @Lisa I installed the version you provided and it works fine now. Thanks so much for the fix!
  12. Lol you said sharts.
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